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Act! emarketing vs Swiftpage emarketing | Act Today CRM Consultants

What are some of the differences in Act emarketing options? Act! emarketing and Swiftpage emarketing are both integrated emarketing solutions that allow users to create, send and track eye-catching email campaigns from within Act!. Although each product has the same objective, they are very different in their operation. When looking at emarketing with Act!, it […]

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ACT Box 2014

ACT’s Upgrade Policy: Fall 2013

I’m often asked the question whether or not I should upgrade to ACT. My standard response has always been only if it means something positive for you. Something positive could be a new feature that makes the whole expense of the upgrade worth it, or it could be something as simple as getting you up-to-date […]

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Act 18.2 Update

When act 18 was introduced it included a new feature, called an API, which allows it to communicate with outside programs. Sometimes, technical innovations are ahead of the collective thought process of most potential users of those innovations; myself included. These API communication innovations are laying the foundation for some intriguing uses, but in my […]

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