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Naples Florida

Act 17.2 update is available. Should you update?

Act 17.2 update is available. Should you update? When act announces and releases new updates for their software it always creates a conundrum for act users. First and foremost, if everything is working fine my recommendation is usually not to update. These updates by act typically have minor fixes to issues that most act users […]

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ACT Box 2014

Act 17 Premium for Web: First Look

When Act users realize that their Act database can also be accessed via the web or a mobile device, it can open a whole new world of possibilities. Everyone is going mobile these days. IPads, iPhones and a wide range of tablets allow you to access your information wherever you are. Wouldn’t it make sense […]

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UMASS Amherst

Act Groups: Group Therapy Part 2 – ID Status

Act Groups are a great way to keep your information organized and relevant.  Here is the tricky part: many people lack organizational skills. Many years ago I attended a luncheon and I never forgot what the speaker talked about. He was in the computer business and he said that “most people think computers will keep […]

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