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How to Email Multiple Contacts in ACT via Outlook

How often have you done a look-up in ACT and now you’d like to email everyone in that look-up? People often ask me how to do a mail merge and act. The ultimate goal being to send the same email to multiple contacts within their act database. In my opinion there is actually an easier […]

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AEM Basic Pro and Team Chart

Act Email Marketing for your Sales Team

Act email marketing has three types of accounts: Basic, Pro and Team. When you purchase act and register act email marketing you get 500 contacts free every month. The Pro version offers 2500 contacts and the Team version includes 5000 contacts, multiple profiles and act email marketing’s call list.  The call list is a $15 […]

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Tony Holowitz: Act Certified Consultant

Act’s New Subscription Service: Act Premium Cloud

Act software by Swiftpage is rolling out a new subscription service today called Act Premium Cloud. Act is now everywhere, on your office computer, your laptop computer, your smartphone and all of your tablets. For only $35 per month Act is offering a new subscription service that includes Act Premium software for your computer and […]

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Tony Holowitz Photography: Boston Massachusetts

Adding a Field to Act

This tutorial is a quick overview of how to add a field to an act layout. When you want to add a new field to an act layout the first question you have to ask yourself is whether or not that field already exists in act. If the field already exists you can simply add […]

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New York City from Central Park

Is Email Marketing Making Us Lazy Salespeople?

I still remember cold calling on businesses in industrial parks. Knocking on doors on cold and rainy days. Part of me misses that time in my life. I hated telemarketing; I’d rather be knocking on doors. Today, we have email marketing and it makes us lazy. Act is a great place to keep all of […]

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Jack Holowitz Photography

Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Act: Part 1

I have been using Dragon Dictation via Dragon NaturallySpeaking for approximately two years. Does it work? Yes. It is like taking on a new language and learning the quirks and ways of speaking. Is it worth it? In my opinion, yes. From a business point of view I use it primarily to dictate articles that […]

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Biddeford Pool Maine

Act: Working with Companies in Act 17 Part 1

Personally, I think the biggest benefit of Act’s companies feature is the visual clue it gives you when you look at a company name. Act shows you a blue hyperlink in the company field to alert you to the fact that a contact is not alone and part of a larger group of individual contacts […]

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