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Act Software Retirement Plan

An Act software retirement plan would be a great way to thank the people that helped make act a success! Over the last year or so, I have noticed a trend of talking to people that are retired or in the process of retiring. They are long time act users. Yesterday I spoke to a […]

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Act’s Task List versus the Act Calendar

ACT has a task list and it also has the ACT calendar to view your schedule. Which one is better? In this tutorial I will show you how I differentiate between the task list and the calendar when I use ACT. Your situation might be different but it’s good to know that you can use […]

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Where Do You Want to Go And Can Act Help You Get There?

Act software is a tool that helps take us someplace. I’m a software teacher. My business revolves around helping people make the most of the software they use every day. That is why it is important to sometimes completely forget about software and to reflect on what is really important. Many of the people I […]

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Free Act Training Webinars by Tony Holowitz

I have two new free webinars for Act users: What to Expect When You Are Subscribing to Act in the Cloud Learn more: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/6023450524116449793 Description You are thinking about updating your current act software to act cloud. Maybe you are new to act and you find act in the cloud an interesting proposition. Act has […]

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Is Email Marketing Making Us Lazy Salespeople?

I still remember cold calling on businesses in industrial parks. Knocking on doors on cold and rainy days. Part of me misses that time in my life. I hated telemarketing; I’d rather be knocking on doors. Today, we have email marketing and it makes us lazy. Act is a great place to keep all of […]

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3 Tools Act Users Should be Familiar with in 2016

If you are and act user, you should make yourself familiar with QuickBooks, WordPress for web design and Microsoft Outlook for email. These three tools can help you become much more productive when using act for sales, marketing and general organization. Free Act by Swiftpage Training Luckily for you, I offer free training videos on […]

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