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Topline Dash for Act

https://youtu.be/d2Ap7qhT8TU TopLine Dash TopLine Dash is the easy-to-use real-time dashboard based reporting tool for Act! that is powerful and highly flexible. Choose from Personal or Manager editions to view data for yourself or for all of your Act! users on one...

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Is Act Compatible with Windows 10?

Act! Compatibility Matrix: Act and Windows Versions If you are a long time act software user, there is a good chance that you have been confronted with the issue of whether or not your version of act is compatible with Windows 10. My experience...

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How to Manually Backup your Act Database

This tutorial will teach you how to manually backup your act database. All act software users should know how to manually backup their act database to ensure that you never lose your data. In this tutorial I will show you how to backup your act database whenever you...

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