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It is the beginning of September and this is the first day of school in my town. For the first time in 12 years I do not have a child attending the local public schools.  3 boys. 12 years of public school.  Done.


My oldest son has graduated from college and works and lives in New York City. My middle son is a junior in college and my youngest son is a freshman. 2 boys in college at the same time and I am suffering from Mall Tuition. However, based on the cost of the schools and the food we provide them they are surely not suffering from malnutrition. I suspect a few of you are in the same boat and I appreciate the pains and joys of the moment. While we are suffering from Mall Tuition my wife and I are first-time empty-nesters. Luckily, she still likes me. I think.

So why is this an Act tip?

Well I suspect quite a few of you are in the same boat. Therefore, it is important for you to make the most of your current financial situation by being as productive as possible and Act can play a role in that process. And I am here to help.

Act is but a tool. Like a hammer. But in the right hands it can build some beautiful things. Just for the record, I am really bad with a hammer, but I would like to think I can help you build a better business mousetrap using Act.

So, tell me your Act story

Tell me what you are trying to accomplish and together let us work to make Act more productive and proficient for you and the way you work. Call me at 781-728-9777 or email me at tony@tonytheteacher.com and let us Act together!

Help me put an end to maltuition.