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Act! Compatibility Matrix
Answer ID 29767 | Updated 02/26/2018 06:56 PM
Summary: This article lists Act! compatibility with different operating systems, databases and integration.

Every now and again I get questions about Act software compatibility with Windows and Microsoft Office. To be honest, I always must double-check because there are so many old versions of the software available to users of Act. After I received Marsha’s email I decided this would make a good blog post…thank you Marsha. Fortunately, the good folks at Swiftpage, the makers of Act, have created a knowledge base article that addresses just that issue. I will list the link to that below. Before I share that link with you a couple of my comments:

• I have seen versions that are not supposed to be compatible work just fine
• I have seen versions that are not compatible, according to the chart, work and then they suddenly stop working
• Some of the compatibility issues are related to reinstalling the software on new computers
• Many times, things that work are impacted by Windows updates and other updates as well

As a rule of thumb, if you are dealing with old software you need to reevaluate its use in the value of upgrading to a newer version. My specialty is teaching people how to make more out of Act software and I am confident I can make it worth the price you pay for it. Regardless of the version you decide on purchasing. In addition to that, you have so many more options available to you as an Act user.

Link: http://kb.act.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/29767/~/act%21-compatibility-matrix