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Here is an excellent video produced by Swiftpage that outlines the fundamental parts of working with Act Email Marketing

Act Email Marketing offers you 500 free emails per month. Let me explain what that 500 means in relation to all of your contacts. This is not 500 emails per day. It means you can send as many emails as you want to up to 500 contacts during a 30 day period. Next month, you can pick a different group of 500 contacts if you so desire. It is not email based, but it is contact based. If you want to send an email to 5000 people you have to increase your account so that it includes 5000 emails. What it really should say is 5000 contacts.

As you prepare to send your first email the most important thing you can do is create a good template for your first email and future emails. Realistically, as you learn how the Act Email Marketing template creation tool works you will revise your original template.

As I stated before in a previous tip, look at Act Email Marketing as a completely new software program that needs to be learned. With time and experience, you will get better at working with Act Email Marketing. One of the dilemmas many people face is that this tool is not something you’ll use every day. Typically, a lot of my clients might only use it once or twice a month. My experience has been that software you use occasionally is the hardest to learn because it lacks repetition.

Here are the key points you should take away from watching this video about Act Email Marketing:

  • creating an email template
  • stock images versus your own images
  • saving a template to a library
  • selecting contacts to send an email to
  • how to send your first email with Act Email Marketing
  • reports
  • Act Email Marketing’s intelligent call list
  • reviewing previous Act Email Marketing campaigns
  • upgrading your account to include additional contacts

If you have previously used Swiftpage email, there are couple main differences between Act Email Marketing and Swiftpage email. They include the following:

  • Act Email Marketing does not update the last email field
  • Act Email Marketing offers responsive emails. Responsive emails adapt to the type of device they are viewed on. For example, a smart phone versus a large computer monitor
  • Swiftpage email is based on the number of emails you can send per day
  • Swiftpage email has better reporting


Originally posted 2016-05-19 09:46:47.