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Act email marketing has three types of accounts: Basic, Pro and Team.

When you purchase act and register act email marketing you get 500 contacts free every month. The Pro version offers 2500 contacts and the Team version includes 5000 contacts, multiple profiles and act email marketing’s call list.  The call list is a $15 per month option with the basic and pro-level.

The team level allows a marketing manager or sales manager to send out emails via act email marketing on behalf of different team members. Therefore, each individual act user does not have to learn how to create and send emails via act email marketing. One key person can handle that task for everyone making the process much more efficient.

Imagine this scenario: a sales manager sends out emails for his or her team that promotes the newest sales promotion. That could be a powerful tool from the sales and marketing point of view.

The video below goes through the team version of act email marketing and makes the following key points:

  • how to add a new sender profile
  • how to send an email on behalf of a team member

AEM Basic Pro and Team Chart















The video below summarizes the three types of account options now available in act:

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