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In my opinion, the most important field in Act is the Act ID Status field. The ID Status field helps you categorize every contact in your Act database.

It is vital that you are able to find contacts in act quickly and efficiently.  The ID status and act allows you to do that easily. Most businesses thrive on prospects and clients. Love your clients. Love your prospects. Make all of your prospects and clients feel important; reach out to them on a regular basis. If you cannot find your prospects and clients how can you truly market to them and stay in touch with the people that are so important to you?

It is all about prospects and clients.

The ID status field can be required. In other words, if you enter a new contact act will not let you do anything else until you fill in the ID status. The ID status should be very simple and limited. This is one of the most fundamental and routine parts of working with act in my opinion.

Act prospects and clients rule!

If you have a large database and most of the contacts do not have an ID status, don’t fret. My experience has been that the act of going through your contacts can be financially rewarding. In a future post I will talk about auditing your database.  Do you need help auditing your database? This is an excellent time to hire me to assist you to get some of those things done quickly and efficiently.

Originally posted 2015-06-26 07:45:19.