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As an Act Premium Cloud subscriber you have access to the newest version of Act. If for example you decide to upgrade from version 19 to version 20 you need to take some things into consideration. For example, once the server that holds your Act database is upgraded you then need to take into account whether or not you need to upgrade Act that resides on your desktop or laptop computers.

If you use Act strictly via the web, for example via a web browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, there is no concern and you can just keep working as you always did. However, if you have it Act installed locally on your computer you then need to upgrade your Act software to the appropriate version.

Some of this information can be confusing and I always recommend that you reach out to me if you have questions.

I access Act! Premium Cloud from a web browser

Any time we perform an upgrade to the Cloud platform, you will need to ensure the Microsoft Outlook Integration service, the Outlook and Google Synchronization Service, and the Mail-Merge service is up to date. These services don’t necessarily check the version of the database you’re connecting with, but using the wrong version may end up with undesired effects. Follow these KB articles to install the correct versions of the software:

For additional guidance please refer to our Act! Premium Cloud Migration FAQ

I access Act! Premium Cloud via an Offline Client (remote database)

When using a remote database you will need to carry out steps before and after this maintenance window to make sure your remote continues to synchronize successfully.

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