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I am going to make the case that for certain types of businesses and business people Act Growth Suite is one of the best things ever developed by Swiftpage, the makers of Act software. When you purchase Act Growth Suite (it’s new name) you get one annual subscription to Act software which is $420 annually and the ability to send 50,000 emails per month. The reality is that you are getting two products here: Act CRM and Act Marketing Automation (AMA), which offers outbound and inbound email marketing services. The key point here is the inbound marketing part, which I will explain in greater detail later in this article.

Let me get some key points and objections right out of the way:

  • I previously created a blog post that states that I believe email marketing makes us lazy and I still stand by that statement. This tool is different.
  • Setting this up will take some time, money and energy.  It is complex.
  • I can help.
  • Act offers a less expensive option if you are only concerned with sending emails out.
  • The beauty here is that there is no third-party software involved.
  • The real cost of Act Marketing Automation is $2000 per year ($420 for Act’s annual subscription).
  • Additional seats are only $420 per year.
  • They are currently offering a first-year discount (see below).
  • You pay for the entire year upfront
  • I would recommend you invest in some advanced training and consulting to help jump start this sales process.

Act Marketing Automation reacts to your needs and responds to the needs of your prospects and customers like a fine tuned, seasoned and well-trained salesperson. So why do I like Act Marketing Automation so much?

Let’s Talk Widgets: Silver Widgets for $1 and Gold Widgets for $1000

Imagine that you sell gold widgets for $1000 each and silver widgets for $1 each. You can create a drip marketing email campaign using Act Marketing Automation that promotes gold and silver widgets. As a salesperson, it might not be worth your time to reach out to the person interested in silver widgets, but gold widgets are another matter entirely. You would jump over the moon for these gold widget prospects.

This is what I would do using Act Marketing Automation.  I would create an email with hyperlinks that the reader could click on to take them to more information about gold and silver widgets. There would be two hyperlinks, one for gold widgets and one for silver widgets. Typically, this link would direct them to a page (called a landing page) on your website that gives them more information about the widget of their choice. You should have a silver widget and a gold widget landing page that presents them with a specific and unique offer about the widget of their choice. If you do not know how to create this, no problem, Act Marketing Automation can assist you with creating landing pages.

The key point here is the link that they have clicked creates a series of actions.

I am going to focus on just the gold widget link to illustrate how Act Marketing Automation can easily pay for itself many times over. When you create an Act Marketing Automation email, you should think through the perfect steps that would help move your prospect towards a sale just because they clicked on the gold widget link.

After the prospect clicks on the gold widget link, I would have a second email that I prepared in advance automatically go out to anyone that clicks on the gold widget link. That email could be a special offer such as a 10% discount if they order within seven business days or by a given date. So again, to repeat that, when a person clicks on that link it can be automated to have a second email automatically go out to that person. Or third email, or fourth email for that matter over a period of time.

In addition to it that, you can also have Act automatically create a phone call to the clicker in your Act database to remind you that this clicker is worth a follow-up call. The scheduled call would popup on your daily calendar or task list. If you do not have time to make the call, you can have it scheduled for another person in your office.

Think about that for a moment. You send an email, a person clicks on a link, a second email with a special offer goes out to the person that clicked on that link and a call is scheduled to that customer or prospect automatically.  Amazing.

This is a game changer. This changes everything about Act and the way you use it. I am only scratching the surface here but the possibilities are endless.

Let us not forget about the silver widget link. Maybe they are not as expensive, but people buy them in bulk. After they click on that link you could design a series of emails to go to them that would help them place an order. Maybe you could have that telemarketer in your office or your inbound marketing person reach out to them by phone to try to enhance the likelihood that they place an order.

Again, the options available to you are only limited by your imagination.

The beauty of Act Marketing Automation, in my opinion, is that it is the least expensive salesperson you will ever hire and there is no doubt it will be successful. It will not quit on you and the investment you make is nothing compared to what it could return to you on a yearly basis. The worst thing about salespeople is that they are expensive to hire and train and they often fail. Then you must start the process all over again.  Act Marketing Automation is only going to get better and smarter over time.

For $2400 a year you can hire the most successful salesperson imaginable: Act Marketing Automation. What are you waiting for?

Tony Holowitz: The idea of spending $2400 on Act software every year is crazy!  Or is it?