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What Is Your Monday Plan?  Lets forget about act software for a few minutes and talk about how you view your Monday mornings.

It is important to remember that act is nothing more than a tool. It is a tool that holds contacts that are most likely relevant to you and your business. Act can be total chaos. Act can hold contacts you have forgotten about completely. Act will never be more organized than you are. Sometimes, we need a simple piece of paper to keep us on track and I’d like to suggest the Monday Plan.

Allow me to give you some questions to ponder:

  • How many clients do you have in your database?
  • How many prospects you have in your database?
  • If you invoice clients, when do you do it?
  • How often do you want to contact your clients and prospects?

What you need to accomplish every single Monday? What you need to accomplish the first Monday of the month? What do you need to accomplish the first Monday of the quarter (January, April, July and October)?

I urge you to write down your goals based on some of the questions I’ve asked you above. Do not think in software terms. Think simply in terms of what you have to accomplish to reach your goals.  Act as a tool can accommodate your goals. I don’t need to know specifics (i.e. what you hope to earn in dollars and cents this year), but I need to know the theory of what you hope to accomplish. With these goals in mind I can set up act to help you stay focused on your goals.

Let me give you some examples of what you might suggest to me:

  • I want to send an email to all of my prospects quarterly
  • I want to call my key clients weekly
  • I want to call my past clients quarterly

Yes, I am an act consultant. However, a lot of what I do is to talk to my clients about what they hope to accomplish. Knowing this helps me modify act in a way that helps you the most. For what it is worth, I often become a cheerleader and motivator to my clients. My goal for you is that no contact ever slips through the cracks. They are important to you and should never be forgotten and it is vital that you make them feel important.