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Long time act users are wondering how having act available to them on the web is going to impact their business.

With act’s new premium cloud subscription service you can now have act on your desktop computer and in the cloud for $35 per month per user. There are some discounts if you have multiple users and if you pay for a year in advance. But the question remains as to whether or not you really need act in the cloud. Do you? Do you really need act in the cloud?

Act in the Cloud from a Cost Perspective: The $120 Question

When you subscribe to act’s new subscription service you get Act Premium on your desktop computer for $25 per month. When you subscribe to Act Premium Cloud, which is act’s hosted service it is an additional $10 per month. With the cloud version you have act on your desktop and act in the cloud and your data will be synchronized between the two. The question becomes rather simple: Is it worth an extra $10 per month to have act everywhere just in case you need it?

For an extra $10 a month get act everywhere!

When you have act in the cloud you can access your act database via any web browser, tablet (such as an iPad) or your smartphone. Your experience with the software will differ based on the amount of real estate you have to view act on the web. In other words, how much screen size do you have?

Reality check: Size Matters on a Smartphone

If you are used to using act on your desktop computer with a large monitor transitioning to act on your smart phone is going to be awkward at best. Everything is just so small. Act on a smart phone is a completely different experience from using act on your desktop computer. Act in a web browser is a slightly different experience than using act on your desktop computer. When using act in a browser there are some fairly minor differences, but all-in-all it’s not that bad.

In my next tutorial I will focus on using act on a smartphone.

Originally posted 2015-09-25 14:21:15.