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Make it easy to access your act premium cloud website.

If you are Act Premium Cloud subscriber and you want to access your act database in the cloud you have to remember an obscure, or often very confusing domain name to access your site. For example, it might be something similar to https://www.acthostedaccount.host35.com/fredsmith.   How in the world are you going to remember that long website address?

Simple. Spend less than $15 and register a domain name that is easy to remember and forward it to that long and hard to remember web address.

For years I’ve used Go Daddy and this is a very simple step. Visit www.GoDaddy.com and register an easy to remember domain name such as www.FredsActDatabase.com  and have it forward to that act for web hosted website. Obviously, that is a lot easier to remember for you and your employees.

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