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Act Software Tip: Act Companion Review September 2018

Act Premium has an app for you, a free app that allows you to view your Act contacts on your mobile device. It is called Act Companion.

It is free.

Act Companion put your Act contacts, calendar, insights and sales opportunities on your mobile device. You can add, delete and modify contacts. You can schedule activities, send emails and see your upcoming activities. You can view histories, get driving directions and more.

Act Companion is free.

Act Companion has been updated to be a better app than when it was originally released. Is it perfect? No. Is it worth trying? Yes. At a minimum, you have your Act contacts available to you on your mobile device. The initial set up can be a little confusing, but it is worth the effort because it is free.

Full disclosure: I am a Keystroke partner.

Keystroke makes software called Handheld Contact which you can subscribe to for $79 per year. Act Companion is vanilla (at this point) in time and Handheld Contact is chocolate. I like vanilla, but chocolate is better. However, try vanilla first so you can appreciate chocolate and all its worth.

Taking software that was originally designed for a desktop or laptop computer and shrinking it down to fit within the environment of a smart phone is difficult. Like clowns in a clown car, it has its limitations. You have to adapt your thinking to viewing a large amount of information on a smaller device and understand that it will be different. Act companion increases the value and usability of Act Premium and should be investigated. Above is a video on the set up of Act companion and some additional videos from Act’s training Library.

From the Swiftpage Training Library: More Act Companion Videos