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Is Act by Swiftpage the Best CRM?  I was recently asked by a long-time act user if act was the best CRM. CRM stands for customer relationship management. What do you think?

Act is a tool used by many individuals and small businesses. My experience has been that it is the rare exception to the rule when I find that an act user is utilizing the software to its fullest capacity. If you use act to its fullest capacity and it is not giving you what you need that indeed it might be reason enough to move on. But act is the devil you know. Is it really worth all the effort to make a change?

If you are an Act Pro user that I urge you to look at Act Premium. Why? Potential.  Act Premium is moving towards greater collaboration with other software. In fact, in my opinion and my experience, it is such a new option that even experienced act certified consultants, such as myself, are still trying to wrap our brains around the potential of what act could expand into being.

Your needs, my needs, and the next person’s needs can all create situations where we each utilize act in a different way. Act Add-on Products can add many layers to Act!  The ability to connect act to other software opens up a world of possibilities and is as big as your imagination. Having said that, let’s revisit customer relationship management for a few moments.

My Opinion: Customer Relationship Management or CRM

I have always been struck by the number of new clients that don’t have a customer relationship plan in place or thought out. It could be something as simple as making sure that you contact your clients on a regular basis. Weekly, monthly or even quarterly follow-up is should be written down as a process or a goal. CRM in my opinion has nothing to do a software. CRM has to do with the attitude you bring to the table and software can help you implement those ideas.

Chocolate Versus Vanilla and Act vs. Other CRM Software

I like chocolate and you might like vanilla. There is a good chance that whichever ice cream you grew accustomed to years ago, still resonates with you. I stated previously that act is the devil you know and I stand by that. The best software is the software you have the most experience with at this moment in time. Might there be better software than act? Sure. But you know act, you have experience with the software. Software should not be getting in your way, it should complement what your goals are on a daily basis.  If you are considering other software please consider this joke and recognize that other software can always be made to sound better than what you’re currently using.

Here is the joke:  What is the difference between a used car salesperson and a software salesperson? The use car salesperson knows when he’s lying.

I use act software every day. I know act software. If you use the software and you’re thinking about making a change, make sure you really know how to use the software that is in front of you first and then decide. I think you’ll find that act is pretty darn good.  I know the software and will give you the honest facts and many opinions if you ask for them.

And most likely, even if you don’t.


Originally posted 2017-03-22 16:02:05.