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One of the advantages of using ACT is the ability to keep all of your contact information in one place and that includes email addresses. When you are looking at a contact in ACT and you decide to send an email to that contact, all you have to do is click on the email address to start the process.

Act gives you two primary options for sending emails. The first is the ACT email editor and the second is Microsoft Outlook. In all of the years that I have been teaching people about ACT I have never advised anyone to use ACT’s email editor. I always recommend Microsoft Outlook.

When I am asked about the difference between Microsoft outlook and act’s email editor I tell people the following. ACT is a great contact manager and it offers a poor email program. Microsoft Outlook is a great email program and and in my opinion a poor contact manager. Together, they are a fantastic tool because they eliminate each others weaknesses.

The following tutorial shows you how to decide on which setup is best for you.