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Your website lead capture form can import leads directly into Act with Act’s Lead Capture Tool.

Act Email Marketing offers a tool that allows you to create web forms for your website that will import the web form input directly into act.  Most of my clients and readers of this website are small business people. One of the aspects of their business that they have to examine is how their website brings leads into their business. I have experience as a web designer. Having stated that, there are many tools for creating web forms on your website. With the introduction of act 18.1 there are now new options over and above the option that will be illustrated in the video above.

Act email marketing has introduced a simple little tool that you can use to capture web leads that can import them right into act. The video below will show you exactly how that works. If you have questions, reach out to me so I can answer them for you.

Act’s Lead Capture Form Explained


Originally posted 2016-06-02 08:50:17.