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Act email marketing is one of many email options you have when using act.

act email marketingMany years ago a company called Swiftpage developed an email marketing tool or package for act software. When talking about email I always referred to it as Swiftpage. Since that time, Swiftpage the company bought act. In most circumstances when I refer to Swiftpage I am referring to the email marketing program and not the company.

Because I grew accustomed to using Swiftpage for sending marketing emails, I learned the ins and outs of working with creating and sending emails from Swiftpage. The way I describe Swiftpage email is to say that it takes some work and patience to develop and get to know. In my opinion, it is a tool that is worth a look. Having stated that, it is important to realize that you have many options when it comes to sending emails to prospects and clients. It is important that you understand the differences and come up with a strategy for implementing those different resources for email.

Act email marketing was introduced in recent years and has many fine points. For me, I compare it to Swiftpage email and there are definitely some pros and cons.

If you have questions about the differences please contact me to discuss these in detail.  For now, I would like to introduce you to act email marketing via the video below. Enjoy.

Additional Resources: http://www.act.com/resources/act-emarketing-getting-started