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We might have put the cart before the horse here. Or maybe I should say the Alexa before the Dot.

According to CNET the Amazon Echo Dot is the smartest no-brainer ever. In fact, as an Act consultant who is trying to educate himself on Alexa, which I really didn’t understand, and the Echo, which I’d heard of but didn’t quite understand, I think I’m ready to buy one. The Amazon Echo Dot that is.

There are a variety of tools from Amazon that are related to Alexa. The Echo Dot, the Echo, the Echo Plus, the Echo Spot and the Echo Show. Wait a minute, this is getting complicated. No not really. As I write this the Echo dot is $44.99 in the Echo is $99.99. I’m about to order two Echo Dot’s and I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Amazon Info:

Here is CNET’s review from 2016 of the Echo Dot: