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Kickback and Relax with Act this Summer

tony-holowitz-photography-15-2-jpgMy experience has been that for many businesses the summertime is a little bit more laid-back and a little bit slower. Now I know this doesn’t apply to all businesses, but many businesses are impacted by the lazy, hazy simple days of summer. I live in the greater Boston area and people head for the mountains, the seashore or both. In the not-too-distant future I’ll be heading to Cape Cod with my family.

Lazy Business Days of Summer

If you own the type of business that slows down during the summer I feel this is a great time to start auditing your ACT database. Many ACT users have no idea who they have in their ACT database. Who were the contacts that are slipping through the cracks? Who are the contacts you haven’t emailed or called in quite some time? If you needed to get our urgent communication out all your prospects or clients would you be able to do that?

Act can tell you a story, if you let it

In my opinion, the most important field in act is the ID status field. Why? The ID status field is where you can define who a contact is. If you can look up contacts quickly and efficiently you can easily communicate with those contacts. For small businesses, having an email address is a great equalizer because you have the ability to get your message out almost immediately. If you need to look up all of your clients and inform them that you are going to be for be away for a week can you do that?

I love working with people to help them audit their ACT database.

Spend an hour with me and I’ll give you some insights that you probably never thought of in regards to ACT and I will give you some thoughts about how to look at your information that sits there. The more you know about who you have in your ACT database the easier it is to make plans and goals for the coming months and years. Maybe your goal is to send them an email every other month. Maybe your goal is to go visit them once a year. Maybe your goal is to call them every six months. Regardless of your goal or set of goals, it is imperative that you have a keen understanding of your ACT Database. Auditing your ACT database is not difficult if you know the proper way to look at your information. That’s where I can help.

Audit Your Act Database Today

The summer time is a little bit lazier in my neck of the woods and I find this is a great time to sit back and slowly evaluate who you have in your ACT database. I suspect, there is a good chance that this exercise will lead you to a reconnect with some contacts that have slipped through the cracks. I wouldn’t be surprised if a call or an email to those contacts results in some new business in the future. So kick back, relax, and have some fun evaluating your database.

I’m here to help if you need my assistance!

Originally posted 2015-07-01 03:46:37.