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The Act Emarketing Menu

Act’s Email Marketing Options Have Changed So Make Sure You Call me to Discuss Your Options

The Act E marketing menu option is somewhat outdated because there is a new option for sending emails within Act. It is called Act marketing automation and if you are just starting this process of sending emails directly out of Act this is the best option. You can also use Microsoft Outlook for sending emails as well. The bottom line is this, review it with me so we can discuss your ultimate goal and purpose for sending out an email in the first place. Tony Holowitz 781-728-9777

Act ID Status: Fresh Meat? Fresh Tofu?

Fresh Meat? Fresh Tofu?  I have always stated that one of the most important fields in act is the ID status field.

Ideally, I always try to only have one choice per letter in any drop-down field. This makes it easier for those of us with less-than-perfect typing skills to enter our choice in a field. If client, or customer for that matter, is the only item that begins with the letter C in a drop-down field, all you have to do is hit the letter C on your keyboard and act will populate the field with client. Do you see where I’m going with this?

I was working with the client named Alisa and we were trying to come up with an alternative name for cold leads. Because we were already using clients as one of our options in the ID status, I didn’t want a second choice that began with the letter C.

Alisa suggested “Fresh Meat.” Perfect. We didn’t have anything else that began with the letter F.

The key is to keep things simple when using act. Use the ID status for all of your contacts. Make sure data entry is as simple as possible and worth doing rather than a chore.

As the husband of a registered dietitian, I felt obligated to find a less carnivorous choice for my vegetarian and vegan friends. Therefore, I offer up the choice of Fresh Tofu as an option in the ID status field.

Thanks Alisa.

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Act Quotes: Creating a Quote in Act by Swiftpage

I don’t typically need to use sales quotes in my day-to-day business. My business practices are rather simple and can be explained with a simple email.

Act has a sales quote function built right into it and I have never used it. Yes, I have looked at it. Yesterday I wrote about sales quoting software for act (that also incorporates sales opportunities and Microsoft Word) and I failed to mention this fact. I don’t use sales quotes within act. To the best of my knowledge or memory, nobody that I know (that uses act) has ever asked me about it or told me that they use it. Make the I should give it another look. Or maybe I shouldn’t.

Act Quotes: Creating a Quote in Act by Swiftpage


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Is Act Mobile Ready? Is Your website Mobile Ready?

As a small business person it is important to understand the concept of a mobile ready website.

Many of my readers and clients are small business people and they have company websites. Recently Google announced that they would penalize websites that were not mobile ready. The whole concept of having a mobile ready website is to make sure people that view your site on smart phones will be able to easily view the information.

That is easier said than done.

The reason I’m even bringing this up at all is to educate you on two fronts. First, if you are responsible for your company website you need to be aware of these facts. Second, if you are considering using act on your smart phone via Act’s Premium Cloud service it helps to understand the restrictions that are thrust upon act because you are viewing your data on a smart phone. It isn’t just act, it’s any one that creates stuff for smart phones that is affected. Smart phones have smaller screens and force people to design for and make software usable on small screens. Act is no different in that regard. Your experience using act on a small screen is vital to the success of Act Premium Cloud. If it is difficult to work with your data on a smart phone that is not a good thing.

Reality check: Act on your Smart Phone

To be fair to act in all websites that you are more accustomed to using on your computer screen in your office that on your smart phone my advice is this: expect smaller and less information right in front of you. Obviously, not all mobile software is created equal. Because act offers so much it is hard to translate that to the small screen in my opinion. Having stated that, I think the folks at handheld contact have done a great job of making act work on the small screen. In the future I will create some more tutorials showing you some of the differences between act and Handheld Contact. Visit this Google Developer webpage to see if your site is Mobile Ready: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

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Where do I find my Act serial number?

Where do I find my Act serial number?

If you are registering Act software for the first time, after purchasing Act, you will most likely find your serial number in an email that was sent to you when you purchased Act. Locate that email and you will find your serial number.

Full disclosure, I am a partner with Keystroke and we are the largest provider of Act software and services outside of Act. If you purchased the software directly from Act you will want to search your old email for the serial number. Most likely, the email would have come from an Act.com email address and if you bought it from Keystroke it would have come from Keystroke.ca email address. If you do not have success that way you can call Act directly at 866-873-2006. Keystrokes number is 800-857-0558 and you can also reach out to me at 781-728-9777.

If you are just curious about where to find your serial number when Act is up and running simply click on the help option on the upper grade toolbar in Act | About Act, and you will see who the product is licensed to, the serial number, and the number of licenses.

For Peter S.

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Confessions of an Act Certified Consultant

I need to make a confession. The main reason I created this website (www.365acttips.com) is because I am auditioning for your business. I hope someday you hire me to do act training and consulting. I love to help people get more out of act.

My experience has been that regardless of the type of business you engage in there are very similar wants and needs for all act users. It typically comes down to prospects and clients. How do you turn prospects into clients? Once they are clients, how do you make sure to take care of them?

When I start working with a new client I start by asking you a series of questions about what your expectations are for your prospects and clients. The funny thing is that I typically expect these to be easy questions for you. I can’t tell you how many times people really have to think about these answers and I’m always amazed that it isn’t something that they’ve already considered. On the surface that might sound like criticism, but I assure you it is not. I believe sometimes we get so wrapped up in our day-to-day business activities that sometimes we forget the simple things.

My goal is to help you make sure that no prospect or client ever slips are the cracks. It really is just that simple.

To start, I give every act user an hour of my time for free. Simply contact me and we can schedule a time to do a one-on-one meeting via GoToMeeting. This will allow me to get to know you as you get to know me. Frankly, you have everything to gain.

Contact me today to book your free hour!


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Act Add-On for Financial Advisors: Act 4 Wealth

updated 9-22-17 with four new instructional videos

My first job out of college was working for John Hancock Life Insurance. I must confess, it was not my thing. If it was, I would most likely be using Act 4 Wealth, a tool for the financial services industry to help you simplify your work within Act.

Because of the fact that I do not work with a lot of financial advisors and insurance professionals, I decided to reach out to the makers of Act 4 Wealth to ask them pointed questions about the software and what it does. The first question I asked is what are the main benefits of this software from the point of view of someone in that industry, a financial professional. This is what they told me:

  1. Within act, Act 4 Wealth will help you keep track of renewals and maturity dates for whichever carrier you work with, as well as when working with multiple carriers.
  2. Compliance. This software helps you manage compliance requirements.
  3. Act 4 Wealth helps you track the services offered to your clients
  4. It also simplifies the repetitive nature of your business

Here are some videos that explain this Act add-on:


Simplified Address Labels

Simplified Mailings with Household Greeting Update for Spouses

Whiteboard for Recording Information

If you would like to learn more about the software, reach out to me and I will arrange a one-on-one demo with an Act 4 Wealth expert. Thank you.

To Learn More Visit: http://keystroke.ca/apps/act-verticals-menu/act4wealth


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Top 10 Act Tips: ID Status Field

What good is using act if you can’t find contacts when you need them?

The ID status field in act software is the most important field in act. This field allows you to keep hundreds and thousands of contacts organized.  Many of my clients have hundreds and some have thousands of act contacts. If you suddenly needed to reach out to all your clients to inform them of something important, would you be able to accomplish that? In my opinion this is imperative. In act you can click on lookup and then ID Status to quickly find contacts. For example, if you have all of your prospects are labeled as prospects in the ID status you can find them all very quickly. What is the point of having all these contacts in act if you don’t know who they are and you can’t find them quickly when you need them?

If you don’t have the ID Status filled in for all of your act contacts, get in touch with me and I can show you some techniques to make that much easier to complete.


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