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A person close to me told me this joke a few years ago and it still resonates with me. After I share the joke with you I’ll tell you why.

What’s the difference between a used car salesperson and a software salesperson?  The used car salesperson knows when they are lying.

Every year there is a new car model. Almost every year there are new versions of software available. Do you need a new car every year? Software? But make no mistake about it, car and software salespeople make money selling their products. From a software point of view, the first question I would ask the person that you are buying software from is whether or not they use the software on a regular basis. If they don’t use it how can they comment on its strengths and weaknesses?

I have been using Act software for more than 20 years and I have made all the mistakes. As an Act certified consultant, I can sell you Act software. When you ask me a question about the software I have more than 20 years’ experience that is going to help me answer that question as honestly as possible. Based on my experience and time spent using Act software. If I honestly feel owning or upgrading your Act software will help you, I’ll tell you so and happily sell you the software. Having said that, if it won’t solve the problem I will also tell you that.

I’m not afraid to talk myself out of the sale.  In fact, yesterday I did.

Originally posted 2017-11-02 09:42:18.