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Carbonite is a great backup solution for act users.

Last week I received a call from an act user whose computer had crashed. When the computer crashed they took their computer to one of those big box stores and ask for technical help. It appears, that that big box store messed up their act database. Because I am late to this story and was contacted after the mess up, it is hard to diagnose this case properly. Having stated that, my gut instinct tells me that this person might have lost all their act data.

This was completely avoidable. Your act data is incredibly valuable and you should treat it like gold!

Carbonite is an inexpensive backup solution that is incredibly easy to use and I highly recommend that you partake in a free trial. Act users should be making regular automated backups of their act data. When you do this, act will create a zip file of all of your data. That singular zip file will be constantly backed up by Carbonite. If my new client had been using Carbonite we would’ve been able to locate the last backup that was made and simply restore it within act.

Carbonite is a simple inexpensive solution for act users.

If I lost my ACT data I would be in big trouble.  If I lost the pictures of my kids I’d be devastated.  Carbonite is an inexpensive back up service that I’ve used for years and I’d highly recommend them.  It is approximately $59.00 a year for unlimited storage and it is an absolute necessity for all computer owners.

Originally posted 2016-06-17 08:07:12.