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Automatic Web Forms for Act

Small businesses that use act by Swiftpage are best served by software that takes a labor-intensive task and simplifies it.

As an act software user, there is a good chance that you also have a website. If you are looking to collect information via your website, Automatic Web Forms for Act will help you import that information quickly and efficiently.

If you are a web designer there are things you can do to create your own forms. The trick has always been taking that information and getting it into an area in which you can manage it and work with it. In other words, getting it into act. Automatic Web Forms for Act is a tool worth looking at if you use act and have a website. Below is more information from their website and a quick video on how the tool works.

Web Forms and Act!, finally an efficient solution!

Online form results can now be imported directly into ACT!. No need to copy & paste from e-mails anymore. You don’t even need to have a website! Check how Automatic Web Forms revolutionizes working with Online Forms. Ideal for newsletter subscriptions forms, training courses, online applications, surveys, etc.



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Free ACT Add-on: Exponenciel’s New History Window Fix

I’m a big fan of using ACT’s history tab instead of the notes tab for recording information about a contact.

A few ACT versions back, ACT introduced an appointment option when recording a history.   When I record a history, I usually am making a call, but appointment is the default. Exponenciel has many great ACT tools and this tool solves the default option problem and it’s free.  Download it here: http://www.exponenciel.com/actaddons/actaddon.aspx?ID=131



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eGrabber Account Researcher

This tool gives you the ability to find missing contact information.

Account Researcher is a tool that can be used to scrub the Internet for contact information such as email addresses and much more. Virtually all of my ACT clients are missing contact information that is important running their business. Account researcher gives you a seven day free trial and is approximately $79 per month. Depending on the nature of your business one updated contact could easily pay for this tool. My major concern for this product is how it might impact the terms of service of a website such as LinkedIn.  If your prospects have a web presence, you will likely have better success with this product.

Account Researcher is worth a look: http://www.egrabber.com/accountresearcher/



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Act4Outlook: My 2 Favorite Features of Act4Outlook

Act4Outlook is an add-on that helps Act and Microsoft Outlook play nice together.

Free Trial: http://act4work.com/files/a4o/act4outlooksetup.exe

If you are a long-time act user you recognize the benefits of using Microsoft Outlook in conjunction with act. When you send an email act and Microsoft Outlook have the ability to communicate and record the event in act. In other words, it creates a history. Sometimes, this feature breaks for a variety of reasons. Act for Outlook solves that dilemma and is just one of the reasons why this software ($35.95) is well worth the price.

My experience has been that different act users often have different reasons why they like act add-on products. I’m an example of that reality. The two main reasons why I like this software is because of its ability to add a contact act and then take you to that contact in act with a simple click. In fact, you can go to multiple contacts in act if you desire. More on that later. Act4Outlook will also attach incoming emails to act contacts.

Please watch my video and try the software for free for 14 days. If you need help configuring it, simply reach out to me and I will assist you.

Free Trial: http://act4work.com/files/a4o/act4outlooksetup.exe

Act4Outlook includes the following features:

  • COPY CONTACTS TO ACT!: Send Outlook contacts to Act! by simply right clicking one or more contacts from your address book.
  • SUPER FAST HISTORY RECORDING: Send an email from Outlook (even with Act! closed), and it will be attached to the matching record in Act! within a second based on any email field
  • CREATE LOOKUP FROM EMAILS: Select any number of emails in Outlook, right-click and select “Create Lookup” and it will find all the contacts in Act! associated with those select emails.
  • CREATE CONTACTS & ACTIVITIES FROM AN EMAIL: Disable the Act-Outlook address book integration that so often slows down computers, and get all the functionality back with Act4outlook. Select and email and automatically convert it to a Contact or Activity, but in a way that is faster than ever before.
  • LINK TO ACT!: Link Contacts to Companies, Groups, or Opportunities after sending to Act
  • COPY ACTIVITIES TO ACT!: Send one or more Activities to Act! from your Outlook calendar.
  • FIND CONTACT IN ACT! FROM EMAIL: Select an email in your inbox, and click on “Go to Contact”, and Act4Outlook will find the matching contact in your Act! database
  • REDUCE CALENDAR DUPES: Act4Outlook reduces duplication by keeping track of previously imported activities. If an activity is updated in Outlook with new data, simply re-send the activity to Act which will update the previously imported Act activity.
  • INBOX HISTORY RECORDING: Attach one or more email messages directly to Contacts, Groups, Companies, or Opportunities. Linking the email to more than one type of record at a time does not create a duplicate entry in the Act attachments folder.
  • INCOMING MAIL HISTORY RECORDING: Act4Outlook can automatically record and link all incoming messages to the Act database as long as a Contact with the sender’s email address is found in the database. Users can also enter one or more domain names to ignore so that any emails sent from those domains are not attached to the database.

Free Trial: http://act4work.com/files/a4o/act4outlooksetup.exe


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Act Quotes: Creating a Quote in Act by Swiftpage

I don’t typically need to use sales quotes in my day-to-day business. My business practices are rather simple and can be explained with a simple email.

Act has a sales quote function built right into it and I have never used it. Yes, I have looked at it. Yesterday I wrote about sales quoting software for act (that also incorporates sales opportunities and Microsoft Word) and I failed to mention this fact. I don’t use sales quotes within act. To the best of my knowledge or memory, nobody that I know (that uses act) has ever asked me about it or told me that they use it. Make the I should give it another look. Or maybe I shouldn’t.

Act Quotes: Creating a Quote in Act by Swiftpage


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Act Add-On for Financial Advisors: Act 4 Wealth

updated 9-22-17 with four new instructional videos

My first job out of college was working for John Hancock Life Insurance. I must confess, it was not my thing. If it was, I would most likely be using Act 4 Wealth, a tool for the financial services industry to help you simplify your work within Act.

Because of the fact that I do not work with a lot of financial advisors and insurance professionals, I decided to reach out to the makers of Act 4 Wealth to ask them pointed questions about the software and what it does. The first question I asked is what are the main benefits of this software from the point of view of someone in that industry, a financial professional. This is what they told me:

  1. Within act, Act 4 Wealth will help you keep track of renewals and maturity dates for whichever carrier you work with, as well as when working with multiple carriers.
  2. Compliance. This software helps you manage compliance requirements.
  3. Act 4 Wealth helps you track the services offered to your clients
  4. It also simplifies the repetitive nature of your business

Here are some videos that explain this Act add-on:


Simplified Address Labels

Simplified Mailings with Household Greeting Update for Spouses

Whiteboard for Recording Information

If you would like to learn more about the software, reach out to me and I will arrange a one-on-one demo with an Act 4 Wealth expert. Thank you.

To Learn More Visit: http://keystroke.ca/apps/act-verticals-menu/act4wealth


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Telephony4Act: The best way to record histories in Act! from your VOIP system

I had a client ask me about VOIP services and Act.

Not knowing the answer to the question, I reached out to one of my colleagues at Keystroke. Marc Norton has more experience with this and I and he directed me to an add-on product called Telephony4Act.


This product was originally designed by a company called DesignR1 but is now owned by Keystroke.  Voice over Internet Protocols or VOIP is an area in which I have little knowledge. Having stated that, here is a video that describes how this software works with Act and below that are some features of the software. If you try this, I’d appreciate your feedback.

The best way to record histories in Act! from your VOIP system.

Currently works with
– Skype
– Nextiva
– Simple Signal

– and many more, please call to see if yours is included

Features include:
– Easy call buttons, and a separate window for recording your call
– Buttons that allow you to take action on an incoming call from the Call Monitor window
– Set a follow up appointment quickly and easily:
– History is recorded with each call activity, including the follow up activity.

Very simple setup, with useful controls.

The best part is, Call Monitor works separately from Act!, so you don’t have to be logged into the database to use it. This also means that if you are working on a record, you will not be interrupted by auto record switching by the app.

Please use the activation code “CallMonitorDemo” to activate the product for a 30-day trial period.

Please see the YouTube video below for a more information.


Please note: License keys for subscription keys cannot be generated by the website, and may take up to one-two business days to fulfil dependng on the product and time of order. To avoid service disruption, please do not use trial licenses up to the last minute before placing online order.

DOWNLOAD: https://www.keystroke.ca/apps/keystroke-downloads/download/4-4act-products/5-telephony4act

DesignR1 and Keystroke Announcement

In late July of 2017, Keystroke Quality Computing Inc. absorbed the business operations DesignR1. Questions about the products and services previously offered by DesignR1 can now be directed to me or directly to Keystroke. Thank you.

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Act Add-on: ListView 4 Act!

ListView 4Act!

Do you wish you could switch between several different sets of fields on the List views in Act!?  Well now you can!  With List View Field Sets installed, you’ll see a dropdown on the “Customize Columns”:

  • Simply click the dropdown and select an option to have your selected fields instantly changed to those defined in your field set!  To create and edit field sets, the feature is accessed through the “Customize…” button on the “Customize Columns” dialog.
  • You can also create as many field sets as you want, select the fields each set should display, and set the order that the fields will appear in the contact list from left to right.  Once you’ve set up your sets, they’ll appear in the dropdown list
  • Upon clicking on a set, the selected fields on the right will change to the fields defined by the set

Licensing: Perpetual License

Visit: https://www.keystroke.ca/en/category/Product/listview-4act.html 

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