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Sending Text Messages from ACT: ACT Mobile Messenger

ACT Mobile Messenger allows you to send text messages directly from ACT and is a tool that I see has many uses.

When I spoke to Duane Smith, owner of ACT Mobile Messenger, his passion for his product was infectious and I urge you to try his product if you have a need to text from ACT.  Website: www.actmobilemessenger.com

I often review ACT add-ons that I have not used personally and don’t believe I’ll use in the future. Frankly, I just don’t have a need for what they do or accomplish. Having stated that, I still want to make you aware of these products so you can sample them and see if they fill a need in your business or life.

Watch my video for more information on Act Mobile Messenger:

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Sperry Software: Add Email Address Tool

Mining Microsoft Outlook for Contacts and Email Addresses?

Think about all the emails you’ve sent using Microsoft Outlook. Wouldn’t  it be nice to be able to collect all of those email addresses so that you could create contacts out of them for sales and marketing purposes? This tool will help you to collect that data and do whatever you want with it. For example, you can put all that contact information into ACT.

This is the best $25.00 you’ll ever invest to manage contacts in Outlook.



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Free Add-On from Keystroke: The Layout Switcher

Space Odyssey: Freeing Space on Act’s Toolbar’s

If you add a lot of things to your Act toolbars you might find you are running out of space and things overlap. This free add-on from Keystroke is designed to free up some space.  On your toolbar is a layout selector menu. Act comes with predesigned layouts that you can choose from and you might have also added some of your own layouts to Act. If you want to switch from one layout to the next, this is the tool you use:

Now this tool takes up some space, no doubt. The layout switcher tool removes this and allows you to accomplish the same thing by visiting the tools layout switcher menu.

To add this free tool to Act you need to do the following:

  1. Make sure you close Act on your computer
  2. Download the free software
  3. Unblock the software
  4. Copy and paste the software into Act’s plug-ins folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\ACT\Act for Windows\Plugins
  5. Restart Act
  6. Now you can go to Tools | Layout Switcher to Switch Layouts in Act
  7. Remove the Layout Selector from the Act Toolbar to free up space

Layout Switcher Download Link:  https://www.keystroke.ca/en/apps/keystroke-downloads/download/7-free-utilities/119-layout-switcher.html

Directions from Keystroke

If you ever wanted to free up space on your Toolbar by removing the Layout Selector, only to discover there is no other way to change the layout, you’ll love this free little tool. Simply drop the DLL into the Act! Plugins folder (with Act! closed), and make sure it’s unblocked (right-click, properties, and click “unblock” if needed). Start Act! again, and use Tools>Layout Switcher to access this feature.

Now you can free up the biggest space waster on your toolbar by deleting the layout selector, and allowing room for more Actcessories without causing the toolbar to spill into a second row.In the video below I’m going to illustrate how to do all of this.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions: Tony Holowitz: 781-728-9777

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Put Spreadsheet Style Information into Act Easily: Tables-4-Act

Imagine you own an ice cream shop and a customer visits Tony’s Famous Ice Cream to buy some ice cream. Chocolate to be exact. In a cone; a sugar cone. He buys a chocolate medium-sized sugar cone. You want to be able to record this information to see trends, so you can better plan future inventory and marketing programs.

How do you do that in Act?

You could insert some fields into Act called ice cream, size and serving type without great difficulty. Where this starts to get tricky is tracking the second time the customer comes into the store. And the third. And the fourth. And the 25th time. How do you track all that data? Act would require that you create unique fields for each visit and this is highly impractical.

Tables-4-Act is a $70 per year subscription service that is the solution to your problem.

Tables for Act will allow you to add a single field for ice cream, serving type and size that you can use over and over again. If the customer comes in 100 times, no problem. It is easier for me to illustrate this with the video and I have created one that is a little longer, about 10 minutes, than I normally like to create. But I think it is worth it.

The goal of this video is to get you thinking in a different way about Act and recognizing the potential of entering data that can be used to your advantage.

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Contact List Plus Part 6: Grouping Contacts

I always tell my clients to audit their ACT database so they can have a better understanding of who the contacts are in ACT.  I audit my ACT database on a regular basis and that’s what attracted me to Contact List Plus many years ago and its why I still use it today.  Watch this video to learn the benefits of Grouping information with Contact List Plus.

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Automatic Web Forms for Act

Small businesses that use act by Swiftpage are best served by software that takes a labor-intensive task and simplifies it.

As an act software user, there is a good chance that you also have a website. If you are looking to collect information via your website, Automatic Web Forms for Act will help you import that information quickly and efficiently.

If you are a web designer there are things you can do to create your own forms. The trick has always been taking that information and getting it into an area in which you can manage it and work with it. In other words, getting it into act. Automatic Web Forms for Act is a tool worth looking at if you use act and have a website. Below is more information from their website and a quick video on how the tool works.

Web Forms and Act!, finally an efficient solution!

Online form results can now be imported directly into ACT!. No need to copy & paste from e-mails anymore. You don’t even need to have a website! Check how Automatic Web Forms revolutionizes working with Online Forms. Ideal for newsletter subscriptions forms, training courses, online applications, surveys, etc.



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Free ACT Add-on: Exponenciel’s New History Window Fix

I’m a big fan of using ACT’s history tab instead of the notes tab for recording information about a contact.

A few ACT versions back, ACT introduced an appointment option when recording a history.   When I record a history, I usually am making a call, but appointment is the default. Exponenciel has many great ACT tools and this tool solves the default option problem and it’s free.  Download it here: http://www.exponenciel.com/actaddons/actaddon.aspx?ID=131



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eGrabber Account Researcher

This tool gives you the ability to find missing contact information.

Account Researcher is a tool that can be used to scrub the Internet for contact information such as email addresses and much more. Virtually all of my ACT clients are missing contact information that is important running their business. Account researcher gives you a seven day free trial and is approximately $79 per month. Depending on the nature of your business one updated contact could easily pay for this tool. My major concern for this product is how it might impact the terms of service of a website such as LinkedIn.  If your prospects have a web presence, you will likely have better success with this product.

Account Researcher is worth a look: http://www.egrabber.com/accountresearcher/



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