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Tools that extend the value of act: Add-on’s.

Experienced ACT users often come to realize that they need to extend or simplify the capacities of ACT.  Having stated that, you are not alone.  Sharon Randall’s site is a great resource that all ACT users should explore.  Enjoy.

Act Quotes: Creating a Quote in Act by Swiftpage

I don’t typically need to use sales quotes in my day-to-day business. My business practices are rather simple and can be explained with a simple email.

Act has a sales quote function built right into it and I have never used it. Yes, I have looked at it. Yesterday I wrote about sales quoting software for act (that also incorporates sales opportunities and Microsoft Word) and I failed to mention this fact. I don’t use sales quotes within act. To the best of my knowledge or memory, nobody that I know (that uses act) has ever asked me about it or told me that they use it. Make the I should give it another look. Or maybe I shouldn’t.

Act Quotes: Creating a Quote in Act by Swiftpage


Reviewing Act Add-on’s in 2017: Become a Better Acter

There are many act add-on’s, also known as plug-ins, and I only use a fraction of them. It is my goal to help you become aware of the many different tools and offerings that will help you become a better acter.

We can explore them together and figure out if they’re worth the time, cost and energy to make them work for you. Do they offer simple instructions and guidance? Do they offer customer support? Training videos?

Tell me what you think of them and help me help you make them worth the time and energy. Thank you.

Combining the Power of Act and QuickBooks Together

QSalesData makes a link that connects act and QuickBooks that in my opinion is a must have if you use both act and QuickBooks.

QSalesData-LogoFor many people, the attraction of this inexpensive $150 add-on for act is that it eliminates some typing. In other words, you can put the contact information in one place and have it appear in the other software. If that is the extent to which you find this package attractive, I personally think you are missing the power of this connection.

Allow me to give you an example.

Imagine for a moment that you are in the ice cream business and you have a glut of strawberry ice cream that you need to move quickly. Wouldn’t it be nice to do a lookup in act of all of the people that have recently purchased strawberry ice cream from you and then have the ability to either call them or send them a quick email, asking them to place an order? The QuickBooks link for act allows you to view invoices within act and search for items via QuickBooks as well.  I help teach my clients both act and QuickBooks software and I can show you how to make the most of this tool. The great thing about this tool is a can also show you who has and has not recently ordered from you. The potential for this tool in combination with act is unlimited. I highly recommend it.

Here is a short video introducing you to the power of QSalesData:


Sperry Software: Add Email Address Tool

Mining Microsoft Outlook for Contacts and Email Addresses?

Think about all the emails you’ve sent using Microsoft Outlook. Wouldn’t  it be nice to be able to collect all of those email addresses so that you could create contacts out of them for sales and marketing purposes? This tool will help you to collect that data and do whatever you want with it. For example, you can put all that contact information into ACT.

This is the best $25.00 you’ll ever invest to manage contacts in Outlook.


Contact List Plus Part 1: Color Your Act World

If you work on your computer all day, you’ll know that eye strain is a big issue.

In this tutorial we will examine how Contact List Plus can add colors to your act world to make act easier on your eyes. Contact List Plus allows you to go crazy with colors.  Please watch my video to learn more.

About Contact List Plus addon for ACT!

The Contact List Plus addon for ACT! toolbar is integrated into the ACT! native interface, providing easy access to most of the features. A pop-up window activate with a right click exposes all the options. The contact management addon for ACT! is a must have for any power user.

Without leaving the contact list view, you can edit, add color, make calculations, change the order of columns, group contacts and export the list directly to Microsoft Word or Excel or XML or HTML files. You can also export the list to Excel with color—with one click.

Contact List Plus addon for ACT! offers two ways to view your tasks—in the traditional ACT table layout or card style. Rather than a single row on a table, the Card View expands the record in two dimensions, and you can see several cards at one time. Each card can be collapsed or expanded so you can see the full details on only the records you choose.
Contact List Plus addon for ACT! is embedded inside ACT!’s easy-to-use interface, so there’s no need to run multiple applications or launch external programs. Once installed you will wonder how you got along without it.

Easy To Use ACT Addons

• Group and subtotal by any ACT! field in your contact table such as; State, Id/Status or Sales Totals.
• Math Functions built into each column will display totals, counts, average, minimum & maximum and counts
• Design multiple column sets we call layouts. Use layouts for export mapping or report generation.
• See your entire notes/details text field not just a little ‘icon’ representation.
• Automatically adjusts the height of each activity depending on the length of your notes.
• Advanced print options such as; Fit-to-page, Zoom-to-fit, Actual-size
• Add colors based on text such as ‘Send Quote,’ ‘Sales Leads,’ ‘State=”New York” etc.
• Personalize printing with larger fonts and color coding, etc.
• “Built-in” editing functions, including Textbox, Check Box, Calendar DropDown, “Combo” and DropDown controls.
• Tag mode allows you to put together any list based on unique criteria. (Create a multi-disciplinary team; invite your favorite business associates to a ballgame)
• Outlook style card view can be collapsed or expanded so you can see the full details.
• Select contacts to create a company grouping; (Others add-on companies charge $99 for this one feature itself!)

Greater Convenience

• No need to go back to ACT’s contact details window to make changes.
• Have more ACT! contact managment information at your fingertips simplyfying pure contact management.
• Specify exactly what you would like to see in your ACT! contact list.
• Make any contact information viewable and printable.
• Group and sort by an unlimited number of ACT! fields and columns.

Increased Efficiency

• Quickly access your previously saved lookups in the Lookup Rules Manager window
• Instantly filter any column using our unique filter row at the top of the list
• Quickly view, print or export the list using layouts.
• Design multiple column sets and snap between them for exporting.
• See Sums, Averages or Counts for any columns with subtotals for any group

More Flexibility

• Personalize your ACT! interface using drag & drop filter panels.
• Drag & Drop any column on or off the list at any time
• Personalize printing with larger fonts, additional fields like “cell phone,” color coding, etc.

Sending Text Messages from ACT: ACT Mobile Messenger

ACT Mobile Messenger allows you to send text messages directly from ACT and is a tool that I see has many uses.

When I spoke to Duane Smith, owner of ACT Mobile Messenger, his passion for his product was infectious and I urge you to try his product if you have a need to text from ACT.  Website:

I often review ACT add-ons that I have not used personally and don’t believe I’ll use in the future. Frankly, I just don’t have a need for what they do or accomplish. Having stated that, I still want to make you aware of these products so you can sample them and see if they fill a need in your business or life.

Watch my video for more information on Act Mobile Messenger:

Free Add-On from Keystroke: The Layout Switcher

Space Odyssey: Freeing Space on Act’s Toolbar’s

If you add a lot of things to your Act toolbars you might find you are running out of space and things overlap. This free add-on from Keystroke is designed to free up some space.  On your toolbar is a layout selector menu. Act comes with predesigned layouts that you can choose from and you might have also added some of your own layouts to Act. If you want to switch from one layout to the next, this is the tool you use:

Now this tool takes up some space, no doubt. The layout switcher tool removes this and allows you to accomplish the same thing by visiting the tools layout switcher menu.

To add this free tool to Act you need to do the following:

  1. Make sure you close Act on your computer
  2. Download the free software
  3. Unblock the software
  4. Copy and paste the software into Act’s plug-ins folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\ACT\Act for Windows\Plugins
  5. Restart Act
  6. Now you can go to Tools | Layout Switcher to Switch Layouts in Act
  7. Remove the Layout Selector from the Act Toolbar to free up space

Layout Switcher Download Link:

Directions from Keystroke

If you ever wanted to free up space on your Toolbar by removing the Layout Selector, only to discover there is no other way to change the layout, you’ll love this free little tool. Simply drop the DLL into the Act! Plugins folder (with Act! closed), and make sure it’s unblocked (right-click, properties, and click “unblock” if needed). Start Act! again, and use Tools>Layout Switcher to access this feature.

Now you can free up the biggest space waster on your toolbar by deleting the layout selector, and allowing room for more Actcessories without causing the toolbar to spill into a second row.In the video below I’m going to illustrate how to do all of this.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions: Tony Holowitz: 781-728-9777