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Act Add-On for Financial Advisors: Act 4 Wealth

updated 9-22-17 with four new instructional videos

My first job out of college was working for John Hancock Life Insurance. I must confess, it was not my thing. If it was, I would most likely be using Act 4 Wealth, a tool for the financial services industry to help you simplify your work within Act.

Because of the fact that I do not work with a lot of financial advisors and insurance professionals, I decided to reach out to the makers of Act 4 Wealth to ask them pointed questions about the software and what it does. The first question I asked is what are the main benefits of this software from the point of view of someone in that industry, a financial professional. This is what they told me:

  1. Within act, Act 4 Wealth will help you keep track of renewals and maturity dates for whichever carrier you work with, as well as when working with multiple carriers.
  2. Compliance. This software helps you manage compliance requirements.
  3. Act 4 Wealth helps you track the services offered to your clients
  4. It also simplifies the repetitive nature of your business

Here are some videos that explain this Act add-on:


Simplified Address Labels

Simplified Mailings with Household Greeting Update for Spouses

Whiteboard for Recording Information

If you would like to learn more about the software, reach out to me and I will arrange a one-on-one demo with an Act 4 Wealth expert. Thank you.

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