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Telephony4Act: The best way to record histories in Act! from your VOIP system

I had a client ask me about VOIP services and Act.

Not knowing the answer to the question, I reached out to one of my colleagues at Keystroke. Marc Norton has more experience with this and I and he directed me to an add-on product called Telephony4Act.

This product was originally designed by a company called DesignR1 but is now owned by Keystroke.  Voice over Internet Protocols or VOIP is an area in which I have little knowledge. Having stated that, here is a video that describes how this software works with Act and below that are some features of the software. If you try this, I’d appreciate your feedback.

The best way to record histories in Act! from your VOIP system.

Currently works with
– Skype
– Nextiva
– Simple Signal

– and many more, please call to see if yours is included

Features include:
– Easy call buttons, and a separate window for recording your call
– Buttons that allow you to take action on an incoming call from the Call Monitor window
– Set a follow up appointment quickly and easily:
– History is recorded with each call activity, including the follow up activity.

Very simple setup, with useful controls.

The best part is, Call Monitor works separately from Act!, so you don’t have to be logged into the database to use it. This also means that if you are working on a record, you will not be interrupted by auto record switching by the app.

Please use the activation code “CallMonitorDemo” to activate the product for a 30-day trial period.

Please see the YouTube video below for a more information.

Please note: License keys for subscription keys cannot be generated by the website, and may take up to one-two business days to fulfil dependng on the product and time of order. To avoid service disruption, please do not use trial licenses up to the last minute before placing online order.


DesignR1 and Keystroke Announcement

In late July of 2017, Keystroke Quality Computing Inc. absorbed the business operations DesignR1. Questions about the products and services previously offered by DesignR1 can now be directed to me or directly to Keystroke. Thank you.