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Act4Outlook (Act for Outlook) Not Loading When Outlook Starts

Act4Outlook (Act for Outlook) can be shut off by Microsoft Outlook occasionally when it decides not to load it when Microsoft Outlook starts up. You will notice that the Act for Outlook icons are missing from Outlook’s ribbon. This short video will show you how to turn that back on when this occurs.


Act Up: How to Avoid Accidentally Closing Microsoft Outlook

Get Your Act Together: How to Avoid Accidentally Closing Microsoft Outlook

every now and again I will accidentally close Microsoft Outlook. I’ll start looking around one of my two monitors and can’t find it anywhere and then I realize I closed it by mistake. Here is a quick tutorial that I created to show you how to avoid doing that by mistake.

Act users most likely use Microsoft Outlook for sending and receiving emails and this will just save a little bit of time in your day. Not much, but a little. Enjoy.