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The Act Emarketing Menu

Act’s Email Marketing Options Have Changed So Make Sure You Call me to Discuss Your Options

The Act E marketing menu option is somewhat outdated because there is a new option for sending emails within Act. It is called Act marketing automation and if you are just starting this process of sending emails directly out of Act this is the best option. You can also use Microsoft Outlook for sending emails as well. The bottom line is this, review it with me so we can discuss your ultimate goal and purpose for sending out an email in the first place. Tony Holowitz 781-728-9777

Is Email Marketing Making Us Lazy?

Is Email Marketing Making Us Lazy?  I believe email marketing is making many of my clients lazy and I try to help them avoid that by helping them review how they treat their contacts in act.

Email marketing is rather easy. Write an email, pick the contacts you want to send it to and hit send. Done. Nothing more to do. Let’s just wait for the sales orders to come rolling in. Life is good.

But how do your clients feel about getting your email? Look at it from their point of view and you realize they get tons of email and you crafted one specific email hoping that what you wrote and shared will be beneficial to them. It most likely wasn’t. At this point you probably think I’m totally against email marketing and nothing could be further from the truth. I just think we need to give it a little more attention and thought. I think there are times when a tool such as the built-in act email marketing is perfect. But there are other times when I think you need to concentrate on the specific client or prospect and focus on their needs.

Imagine for a moment that you are in the ice cream business.

You could send out a marketing email to all your customers and prospects advertising your vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. But only about 25% of the people you send it to will open your email, if that. That leaves 75% of the people untouched. It is my opinion that the most important part of any email is the subject line. Even if they do not open the email they most likely made a decision to read or not read the email based on the subject line. What is harder to determine is how many people actually read the subject line. The subject line should be well thought out and scrutinized in order to ensure that your email is delivered and avoids spam detection.

If your client only likes chocolate ice cream, send them the chocolate ice cream email. Show them you care by sending them emails specific to their needs and wants.

Almost every email I send starts with Tony Holowitz in the subject line. Even if people don’t read the email they saw my name. Before you send an email, you should ask yourself what your goal of that email is and what you’re willing to do to accomplish that goal. Is it increased sales? Customer service and follow-up? What is your goal?

I rarely if ever send email marketing to my clients. If you received this tip via an email it is because you subscribed to my newsletter via MailChimp. I focus my attention on one-on-one communications via email using some tools that make it easier to communicate with them. First, I will pull up all of my customers in act approximately every 90 days. Next, I will go through them one by one and using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I will dictate an email specific to their needs or situation. Many times, I asked them nothing more than can I help you with anything?

I recognize the fact that many of you probably don’t use Dragon NaturallySpeaking and I have an alternative suggestion. I use an iPhone and on that iPhone, I use Handheld Contact for act. I will pull up a contact on my iPhone and dictate an email and send it to them. There is a field in act called the last email field and it records the date of the last email you sent to a specific contact. When I send an email from my iPhone that is recorded. Having that field updated is essential because it allows me to draw my attention to people that have not received an email within a specific number of days.

Reviewing my contact in act would allow me to recognize the fact that Fred ordered 10 pints of strawberry ice cream and that’s what I asked him about in my email. Not vanilla and chocolate.  Get personal with your contacts.

I use Microsoft Outlook on my office computer. There is a tool that I use called Template Phrases that allows me to save email templates in Microsoft Outlook. As I look at my contacts one by one I can quickly dictate via Dragon NaturallySpeaking an email. Quite often, I will start to see a common theme in what I’m asking and it makes sense to create a template. For example, if I were in the ice cream business I might recognize that am asking a lot of people what their favorite ice cream is: vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. Instead of having to dictate or retype that every single time, I can save it as a template.

I also use a tool called Bananatag which tells me if someone has opened the email that I sent them. It will also tell me if they’ve clicked on a specific link in the email. If they click on the link for the chocolate ice cream special price, I will know that occurred. Now I can react or decide to do nothing.

I have always thought that email marketing is great for prospects, but my clients deserve better. They deserve my individual attention and thoughts at least once every 90 days. I do not want them to get an email that I have created for the masses. If I know they like strawberry ice cream, I want to talk to them about strawberry ice cream. Hopefully, that email will communicate that I’m thinking about them and their needs.

I Believe Your Prospects and Clients Are Worth Some Individual Attention

Even if they don’t read the email, they saw my name in the subject line and it reminds them that I am here to serve them when they need me. It keeps my name in front of them and that was my goal all along. For the record, my favorite ice cream is chocolate.

Tony Holowitz: 781-728-9777  | Call me to learn more about the tools I’ve mentioned in this article:

Dragon NaturallySpeaking ($99)

Handheld Contact ($79 yearly subscription)

Template Phrases ($29)

Bananatag ($10 per month)

Act Email Marketing (500 free monthly email contacts and you can purchase more as needed)

MailChimp (Free)

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Act Price Increase for Act Premium Cloud

Act Has Increased Their Prices for Their Hosted Subscription Service

In early October act increased the price for Act Premium Cloud from $35 per month to $42 per month. You can still subscribe Act Premium for $25 per month. Act Premium can be hosted by you if you want to use it in the cloud or you can outsource it to act directly order other sellers of act hosted services.

If the $35 price point for act premium cloud was attractive, you can still get that price by paying for a year in advance.

Act Premium Cloud Price Increase

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11 Fantastic Act and Microsoft Outlook Tips

Many Act software users also use Microsoft Outlook for managing email. If you do not use Microsoft Outlook, you should be using it to make more out of Act.

Act is a great contact manager. Microsoft Outlook is a fantastic email program. Act and Microsoft Outlook used in combination is a powerful tool for most small business people, salespeople and entrepreneurs. Because each of these software programs has strengths and weaknesses, it is important to understand the distinction and differences between act and Microsoft Outlook. We will examine some of the gaps that exist between act and Microsoft Outlook and I will show you ways to narrow those technological gaps to make both programs more effective.

Over the next few weeks I am going to be posting articles about how to make the most out of Act with my Act and Microsoft Outlook tips.

I will look at a wide variety of subjects that many small business people need to consider when it comes to email and using act. Here is a partial list of some of the things I’m to be discussing:

  • General email knowledge
  • Adding email contacts to act
  • Act add-on products
  • Outlook add-on products
  • Gmail
  • Email providers and email provider tools such as webmail
  • Exporting and importing contacts
  • Outlook versus Act Email Marketing and Swiftpage
  • Common sense tips to working with email

The more efficient you can become with email and act the better off you will be as an everyday computer user. As always, I welcome your questions and curiosities. Thank you.

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Better Outlook Email Integration with Act! CRM – YouTube

Many Act users use Microsoft Outlook to send email.  Learn how to integrate Outlook with Act.

Because email is such a large part of our daily work environment, it is important to make you aware of some of the tools that are available to all act users to make the relationship between act and Outlook a little bit better. The act addon outlined in the video below shows you one such tool. If you have questions about how the software works or if you would like a discount coupon for the software, please reach out to me for any questions you might have. Thank you

Better Outlook Email Integration with Act! CRM DesignR1 Outlook IntegrateR1 (OIR1) by DesignR1 takes the relationship between Act! and Outlook to another level!

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The Act Tools Menu

The Many Options of The Act Tools Menu Revealed

The Act Tools Menu is a great place for getting more customized and personalized with your Act software to modify it for your particular needs. I recommend you get assistance and training in this area of Act. Contact me so I can help advise you. Tony Holowitz: 781-728-9777

The Act Reports Menu

If You Love Reports, You Will Love Act’s Reports Menu

In this tutorial we will take a look at the reports menu item in Act software. I will take a look at the report options and things you should learn about and consider before using reports. I will also talk about printing reports and sharing reports with others. If you have questions please contact me Tony Holowitz 781-728-9777. Thank you.

The Act Schedule Menu

Working with Act’s Schedule Menu

In this quick tip we are going to review the Schedule menu. I will give you a brief explanation and breakdown of the items on the Schedule menu so you can understand how you can use this drop-down menu to your advantage while using Act software.  Some of the items I will review here are shortcuts to other areas of Act.  Please notice the keyboard shortcuts as well. 

Questions: Call Tony Holowitz | 781-728-9777. Thank you.