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The Act Emarketing Menu

Act’s Email Marketing Options Have Changed So Make Sure You Call me to Discuss Your Options

The Act E marketing menu option is somewhat outdated because there is a new option for sending emails within Act. It is called Act marketing automation and if you are just starting this process of sending emails directly out of Act this is the best option. You can also use Microsoft Outlook for sending emails as well. The bottom line is this, review it with me so we can discuss your ultimate goal and purpose for sending out an email in the first place. Tony Holowitz 781-728-9777

Add a Note or History to Multiple Act Contacts

On occasion you might find it helpful to add a note or a history to multiple ACT contacts and this video shows you how to do that quite easily.

This act tip was created because a new client whose name is Maria asked me how do you add a note to multiple ACT contacts? Every now and again you have certain things that you do on your computer that quite frankly you forget how to do. That was the case when Maria asked me how to do this. So I told her I would create a video to show her how to do it. Enjoy and ask me questions or make suggestions for future tips.


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Act’s Email Editor versus Microsoft Outlook

One of the advantages of using ACT is the ability to keep all of your contact information in one place and that includes email addresses. When you are looking at a contact in ACT and you decide to send an email to that contact, all you have to do is click on the email address to start the process.

Act gives you two primary options for sending emails. The first is the ACT email editor and the second is Microsoft Outlook. In all of the years that I have been teaching people about ACT I have never advised anyone to use ACT’s email editor. I always recommend Microsoft Outlook.

When I am asked about the difference between Microsoft outlook and act’s email editor I tell people the following. ACT is a great contact manager and it offers a poor email program. Microsoft Outlook is a great email program and and in my opinion a poor contact manager. Together, they are a fantastic tool because they eliminate each others weaknesses.

The following tutorial shows you how to decide on which setup is best for you.

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Top 10 Act Tips: Goals

People that use act effectively have specific goals in place for communicating with their contacts.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a plan in place in regards to how you treat your contacts in act. For most small businesses it comes down to prospects and clients and I urge you to develop a process for keeping in touch with your contacts. At the end of the day one of the most important things you can do with act is to make sure that no contact slips through the cracks. Act is a fantastic tool to help you make sure that never happens.

Watch this video for some quick ideas on how to approach act and setting goals for act:

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Editing a Company Name in Act via the Companies Tab: Two-Step Process

How to edit a Company Name in Act via the Companies Tab

Act’s company tab has some very distinct advantages once you start understanding how it works and how it can summarize information for you. Newer versions of act will help you organize companies automatically. It was rare in the past when I recommended this to many of my clients. Because you can now set act to automatically group people together based on their company name, I now believe it makes sense to do this in many situations. I have created a couple of videos that I have included in this post that address some of the issues related to working with companies. Enjoy And please give some feedback.

Act Companies: Understanding the Companies Option

How do you change the name of a linked company in Act.  If the ABC Company, Inc. changes its name to XYZ Company, Inc., how do you accomplish this step?

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Act Quick Tip: Act Pro or Act Premium. Should You Purchase Act Pro or Act Premium Cloud this Year?

Should You Purchase Act Pro or Act Premium Cloud this Year?  Act Pro or Act Premium Cloud?  Confused?  Call me and I will break it down for you.

I sell Act Software.  When you purchase act software by Swiftpage  you have two main choices.  The first is a one-time purchase of Act Pro for $249 or maybe $199 if you qualify for upgrade pricing and you own this software forever.  The second option is an Act subscription which includes Act Premium and is $250 per year.  If you would like to also have act in the cloud, your cost will be $350 (with a one-time $100 setup fee via Keystroke of which I am a partner). I recommend the cloud version because it gives you the greatest flexibility to access your data via multiple devices (i.e. smartphones, iPads and tablets and web browsers). In addition, you will have a backup of your act data.

I recommend the cloud version of act because it gives you the greatest flexibility to access your data via multiple devices (i.e. smartphones, iPads and tablets and web browsers) and it eliminates IT expenses!

Biggest Benefit: A subscriber to act also gets free technical support directly from Act technical support and free act software updates. In my opinion, the technical support is the best benefit. Act technical support will not typically teach you how to drive act, but will help you when it is in need of repairs. If you have an issue with act, run it by me first and I’ll point you in the best direction.

Note: Act Premium Cloud subscribers can have Act in the Cloud and on their desktops as well.  My experience has been that this is an understated fact and can lead to some confusion. Feel free to ask me about it. The technical term is a remote database. It is simple to create and I routinely help my clients with this matter.

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Act’s Last Email Field

Act’s Last Email Field is one of the most important fields in your act database.

Let’s face it, sending email to a number of contacts in ACT is easy and can be very productive. But it is important to make sure you know the last time you sent an email to a contact in ACT. It doesn’t matter whether or not you sent the email directly from ACT or from Microsoft Outlook.

When I talk to new clients about act, I always tell them that act will tell you a story if you let it. After you have been using act for a period of time you can look back on what has taken place with your contacts. A story unfolds.  Because sending email is such a relevant part of our day-to-day business as it pertains to working with contacts, it is vital that you understand the relevance of the last email field in act. To oversimplify, this will tell you the last time you sent an email to a contact.

In this tutorial I will show you why the last email field is so relevant and in my opinion so important.

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3 Tools Act Users Should be Familiar With For Their Business

Many Act Users are Small Business People and Entrepreneurs.

wordpress logo

If you are and act user, you should make yourself familiar with QuickBooks, WordPress for web design and Microsoft Outlook for email. These three tools can help you become much more productive when using act for sales, marketing and general organization.

Luckily for you, I offer free training videos on QuickBooks and Microsoft Outlook. Word press can be used to maintain your website and blog. Your blog can be used in your email marketing efforts. In a nutshell, these three pieces of software can help your business become much more effective and efficient.  This website is designed using WordPress and I can teach you a great deal about pulling all of this together to become more effective with act.


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