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Amazon Alexa: Using Your Alexa Device

Amazon Alexa tips and tricks for Act users

This website, is created using WordPress. The reason I mention that is because of the ease in which you can find information on the web and share it with people. As I search for information about Alexa to share with you I have found a number of great videos on YouTube. Some of those videos are from Amazon’s YouTube channel. To share these videos with you, it is as simple as copying a link and pasting it in this blog post. If you have a business and want to learn more about sharing information with your clients and prospects, give me a call.  Here are a few videos directly from Amazon via Youtube:

Amazon Alexa: Using Your Alexa Device

Amazon Alexa: Listening to Music & Media

Amazon Echo: Quick Fixes


50 Alexa Voice Commands (Amazon Echo) from Phone Buff

What is an Echo Dot from Amazon?

Learning about the Echo Dot from Amazon

It is quite possible that you have heard about Alexa. What is Alexa and how do you get it? To start, you can purchase an Echo Dot at a local retailer or directly from Amazon.

In this video you will learn how to set an alarm, learn what is on your calendar for the day, call Uber and check the days weather. You can pair a Bluetooth speaker and order paper towels, as well as, play music, order a pizza and adjust the volume of the music that is playing. This device can help with smart technology in your home that includes your thermostat and lights. At a minimum, simply ask any question you would like an answer to and see what happens.

More from Amazon’s YouTube Channel:

Published on Sep 14, 2016: Echo Dot, now only $49.99, is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses the same far-field voice recognition as Amazon Echo. Through its built in speaker or by connecting to your own speakers via bluetooth or wired connection, Dot uses the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more—instantly. #JustAsk



Alexa Echo Silver from Saturday Night Live

It is Friday morning as I write this post and I decided it was time for a little bit of a laugh.

The good folks at Saturday Night Live created a commercial for Alexa Silver for the mature over 50 crowd. Okay, maybe 60.

Setting Up Your Amazon Echo Dot: 3 Videos

So you’ve decided to buy in the Amazon Echo Dot and it has arrived at your home or office. How do you set it up?

This video is directly from Amazon’s YouTube channel will show you how to set up the Echo Dot. You will learn about the cables that came with your new device and suggestions for where to locate your Echo Dot. If you have multiple devices, you can learn more about that as well.

You will also be asked to download the Alexa app on your phone or tablet and to create a new account via that app. It is also a good idea to know your username and password for your Amazon account if you have one. If not, you will need to set one up. Next you will connect the Echo to a Wi-Fi network so you will need to know the name of your network in the password. To activate the Echo you will use a wake word and the standard word is Alexa.

Further down the page I have added additional video information to help you set this up.

Here is another video from Jordan Keyes Youtube Channel

Here is another video from the YouTube Channel: Steve’s World

Act Quick Tip: How to Open Act with Alexa

How to Wake Up Act with Alexa

Every time you want Alexa to do something with Act you have to start the process by stating the following: “Alexa, open Act Premium.”  Because this is a new feature in Act I’m learning along the way. On occasion, I will post these quick Act tips to share my knowledge. Thank you.



Connecting Act version 20 and Alexa: Part 1

Please backup your Act CRM database right now.

It happened again. A client contacted me because her computer died and she did not have a backup of her Act database.

You can use the Act scheduler to back up your Act database automatically. If you do not know how to accomplish this please reach out to me so I can show you how and to ensure your data is safe. The backup will create a file called the zip file. Typically, people create that backup file on the hard drive of their computer.

What happens when your computer dies in that zip file is gone?

For years I have used a backup service call Carbonite ( If she had used Carbonite and scheduled backups, she would have all her zip files backed up by Carbonite. When she gets a new computer all she would have to do is reinstall Act and restore the most recent backup.

Please backup your Act database daily.

Learning All About Alexa Skills: What Are They?

What Is an Alexa Skill?

Your Amazon smart speaker offers a wide range of resources such as games, news and information, technology services, entertainment and much more. To connect your device to these offerings you must connect using a skill. Think of a skill as a piece of software or app that connects you to the resources you desire. These skills allow you to ask Alexa to turn on the lights in your home or to turn down the heat. It makes your home smarter. You can check the weather, a sports score or play music. News and information is at your fingertips. You simply need to initiate the skill you require, and you are ready to run with your Amazon Alexa smart speaker. As I might’ve made clear to you, this is new to me; I’m just learning how to use my Alexa device. But we have to start someplace and as I go along I will share what I use mine for most of all. At this point in time, I have one in my kitchen and one in my office. I’ve been using the one in my kitchen as a radio for the most part and have barely been using the one in my office.

That will change. For now, let’s have some fun with this and see what we can do to take us into this new age. Thank you.

Who is Alexa? Act version 20 Users Need to Know.

Who is Alexa?  Act version 20 allows you to work with Alexa and Act together. So it seems to make sense that we have an understanding of what Alexa is and how it can be used with Act.

Part one of this mystery is discovering Alexa. Confession: I do not use Alexa and have very limited knowledge about what it is and how it can be used in your home or office. Because they have combined it to work with Act version 20, it makes sense that I explore and learn a lot more about Alexa. To start, let’s see what Wikipedia has to say about Alexa:

Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon, made popular by the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot devices developed by Amazon Lab126. It is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic, and other real time information, such as news. Alexa can also control several smart devices using itself as a home automation system.[2]

Most devices with Alexa allow users to activate the device using a wake-word (such as Echo); other devices (such as the Amazon app on iOS or Android) require the user to push a button to activate Alexa’s listening mode. Currently, interaction and communication with Alexa is only available in English and German.

As of September 2017, Amazon had more than 5,000 employees working on Alexa and related products.[3]


So Alexa will listen to you and do what you ask (unlike my three boys when I ask them to clean up their rooms). So how do we get Alexa in our lives? It looks like we have to purchase an Amazon Echo or an Amazon Echo Dot. You can purchase these devices online at Amazon and at many retail establishments.

So let’s take a look at how all this works via these videos: