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Be Careful of Phishing Emails

I have clients that have fallen victim to the curiosity of phishing emails. Be careful.

Phishing emails prey on the curiosity of people that get emails from well known companies that suggests action needs to be taken by clicking on a link in an email. For example, you might receive an email that looks like it came from your bank or a popular shipping service such as FedEx or United Parcel Service. Clicking on these links can download viruses and in some cases lock and hold your computer until you pay a ransom. This video deals with how to try to avoid being put in that situation. I have also posted a link to an article written by my friends at the Computer Café in Arlington Massachusetts where I reside.

From the Computer Cafe: Viruses?  We Don’t Need No Stinking Viruses

Ransomeware Description from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ransomware




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Contact List Plus Part 1: Color Your Act World

If you work on your computer all day, you’ll know that eye strain is a big issue.

In this tutorial we will examine how Contact List Plus can add colors to your act world to make act easier on your eyes. Contact List Plus allows you to go crazy with colors.  Please watch my video to learn more.

About Contact List Plus addon for ACT!

The Contact List Plus addon for ACT! toolbar is integrated into the ACT! native interface, providing easy access to most of the features. A pop-up window activate with a right click exposes all the options. The contact management addon for ACT! is a must have for any power user.

Without leaving the contact list view, you can edit, add color, make calculations, change the order of columns, group contacts and export the list directly to Microsoft Word or Excel or XML or HTML files. You can also export the list to Excel with color—with one click.

Contact List Plus addon for ACT! offers two ways to view your tasks—in the traditional ACT table layout or card style. Rather than a single row on a table, the Card View expands the record in two dimensions, and you can see several cards at one time. Each card can be collapsed or expanded so you can see the full details on only the records you choose.
Contact List Plus addon for ACT! is embedded inside ACT!’s easy-to-use interface, so there’s no need to run multiple applications or launch external programs. Once installed you will wonder how you got along without it.

Easy To Use ACT Addons

• Group and subtotal by any ACT! field in your contact table such as; State, Id/Status or Sales Totals.
• Math Functions built into each column will display totals, counts, average, minimum & maximum and counts
• Design multiple column sets we call layouts. Use layouts for export mapping or report generation.
• See your entire notes/details text field not just a little ‘icon’ representation.
• Automatically adjusts the height of each activity depending on the length of your notes.
• Advanced print options such as; Fit-to-page, Zoom-to-fit, Actual-size
• Add colors based on text such as ‘Send Quote,’ ‘Sales Leads,’ ‘State=”New York” etc.
• Personalize printing with larger fonts and color coding, etc.
• “Built-in” editing functions, including Textbox, Check Box, Calendar DropDown, “Combo” and DropDown controls.
• Tag mode allows you to put together any list based on unique criteria. (Create a multi-disciplinary team; invite your favorite business associates to a ballgame)
• Outlook style card view can be collapsed or expanded so you can see the full details.
• Select contacts to create a company grouping; (Others add-on companies charge $99 for this one feature itself!)

Greater Convenience

• No need to go back to ACT’s contact details window to make changes.
• Have more ACT! contact managment information at your fingertips simplyfying pure contact management.
• Specify exactly what you would like to see in your ACT! contact list.
• Make any contact information viewable and printable.
• Group and sort by an unlimited number of ACT! fields and columns.

Increased Efficiency

• Quickly access your previously saved lookups in the Lookup Rules Manager window
• Instantly filter any column using our unique filter row at the top of the list
• Quickly view, print or export the list using layouts.
• Design multiple column sets and snap between them for exporting.
• See Sums, Averages or Counts for any columns with subtotals for any group

More Flexibility

• Personalize your ACT! interface using drag & drop filter panels.
• Drag & Drop any column on or off the list at any time
• Personalize printing with larger fonts, additional fields like “cell phone,” color coding, etc.

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Act Connect is a Game Changer

Act Connect will make you think differently about act. It will help you connect act to apps on the web.

Act is widely used by individuals and small businesses. Rarely do these types of act users have tons of time and resources at their disposal. Time is the key point here. We don’t have marketing departments. We do not have unlimited administrators and frankly we tend to wear many hats when we run our business. Something as simple as entering contacts into act that filled a web form on your website is easily set aside for another day. Act Connect will help you solve that problem. Act Connect can take those leads from your website and bring them directly in the act.

Act! Connect

Connect with hundreds of popular apps that extend the power and reach of Act! Premium—a valuable subscriber benefit! Get started with a few simple steps, then watch as Act! Connect automatically moves info between Act! Premium and the apps of your choice. Let Act! Connect do the heavy lifting, while you enjoy the benefits of enriched customer data. (from act.com)

Act Connect was introduced with Act Premium 18.2. Act Connect is not offered with Act Pro. Previously, you could connect act to different resources on the web, but it was rather complicated and did not suit the way many people use act. Today, a simple link, or URL, provided by Act Premium and Act Connect allows you to connect to web apps rather easily. When you deal with usernames, passwords, downloads and software, it is easy to make simple mistakes that can complicate this issue. I do not mean to deter you, I just want you to be aware of the information you will need to make this work. If nothing else, this exercise will make sure you know your essential usernames and passwords.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be talking about the tools you will need to make this work. The first app I will discuss (in a separate post) is Wufoo.

Wufoo provides free web forms that when submitted with information, that information can be pulled directly into act. That can be a huge time saver that will allow you to react instead of worrying about getting the information into act. This is but one example.  In addition to some of the apps we will talk about I want to make you aware of a middleman called Zapier. Zapier is the free tool that connects act and these apps. More on that later.

It is time to get excited again about the potential of act and what it can do for you and your business. This could be a game changer!


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Sending Text Messages from ACT: ACT Mobile Messenger

ACT Mobile Messenger allows you to send text messages directly from ACT and is a tool that I see has many uses.

When I spoke to Duane Smith, owner of ACT Mobile Messenger, his passion for his product was infectious and I urge you to try his product if you have a need to text from ACT.  Website: www.actmobilemessenger.com

I often review ACT add-ons that I have not used personally and don’t believe I’ll use in the future. Frankly, I just don’t have a need for what they do or accomplish. Having stated that, I still want to make you aware of these products so you can sample them and see if they fill a need in your business or life.

Watch my video for more information on Act Mobile Messenger:

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Customize Act Layouts: Act Fields 13 Types

Act has many different types of fields that you can use to customize your act layouts.

In my opinion one of the greatest things about ACT is the way you can customize it for your business or organization. As I have stated in the past, one of the most important things you can do to make ACT effective is to completely forget about ACT. Think about the things that are important to you and your organization and use ACT to help you manage that information. Being aware of the different types of fields that ACT will allow you to create can help you imagine a layout in ACT that will suit your needs perfectly.

In this tutorial I will illustrate 13 different types of ACT fields that you can use to make ACT a great tool for you.

Free Act by Swiftpage Training and Tips: Act Fields 13 Types to Customize your Act Layouts

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Act: Part 1

I have been using Dragon Dictation via Dragon NaturallySpeaking for approximately two years. Does it work? Yes. It is like taking on a new language and learning the quirks and ways of speaking.

Is it worth it? In my opinion, yes.

From a business point of view I use it primarily to dictate articles that I post online and emails that I send to a client. I find it is easier to dictate my thoughts then it is to write notes on paper and then translate it to my computer.

Can you use act in Dragon NaturallySpeaking together?  Yes.

From Dragon’s YouTube Channel: Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the fastest and most accurate speech recognition software available for the PC. Dragon transforms the PC experience by turning your voice into text and actionable commands much faster than most people can type. By making navigation and text-entry tasks dramatically faster and easier, Dragon 13 allows you to reach your full potential by helping you get more done on your computer – simply by speaking.

In my next tutorial, I will illustrate how you can use act software and Dragon NaturallySpeaking together. Belowis a short video on how Dragon naturally speaking works.

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Summertime is a Great Time to Audit Your ACT Database

Kickback and Relax with Act this Summer

tony-holowitz-photography-15-2-jpgMy experience has been that for many businesses the summertime is a little bit more laid-back and a little bit slower. Now I know this doesn’t apply to all businesses, but many businesses are impacted by the lazy, hazy simple days of summer. I live in the greater Boston area and people head for the mountains, the seashore or both. In the not-too-distant future I’ll be heading to Cape Cod with my family.

Lazy Business Days of Summer

If you own the type of business that slows down during the summer I feel this is a great time to start auditing your ACT database. Many ACT users have no idea who they have in their ACT database. Who were the contacts that are slipping through the cracks? Who are the contacts you haven’t emailed or called in quite some time? If you needed to get our urgent communication out all your prospects or clients would you be able to do that?

Act can tell you a story, if you let it

In my opinion, the most important field in act is the ID status field. Why? The ID status field is where you can define who a contact is. If you can look up contacts quickly and efficiently you can easily communicate with those contacts. For small businesses, having an email address is a great equalizer because you have the ability to get your message out almost immediately. If you need to look up all of your clients and inform them that you are going to be for be away for a week can you do that?

I love working with people to help them audit their ACT database.

Spend an hour with me and I’ll give you some insights that you probably never thought of in regards to ACT and I will give you some thoughts about how to look at your information that sits there. The more you know about who you have in your ACT database the easier it is to make plans and goals for the coming months and years. Maybe your goal is to send them an email every other month. Maybe your goal is to go visit them once a year. Maybe your goal is to call them every six months. Regardless of your goal or set of goals, it is imperative that you have a keen understanding of your ACT Database. Auditing your ACT database is not difficult if you know the proper way to look at your information. That’s where I can help.

Audit Your Act Database Today

The summer time is a little bit lazier in my neck of the woods and I find this is a great time to sit back and slowly evaluate who you have in your ACT database. I suspect, there is a good chance that this exercise will lead you to a reconnect with some contacts that have slipped through the cracks. I wouldn’t be surprised if a call or an email to those contacts results in some new business in the future. So kick back, relax, and have some fun evaluating your database.

I’m here to help if you need my assistance!

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Handheld Contact for Act: Sync Act Data to your Phone or Mobile Device

When people ask me the best way to transfer information from ACT to a smart phone or mobile device I always suggest Handheld Contact.

Handheld Contact Free TrialMy experience has been that once you set it up it just works. Handheld Contact works with Apple iPhones and iPads, Android smart phones and tablets and Blackberry smart phones and tablets.  I have compiled some video tutorials from fellow actors that I hope you find helpful.  Handheld Contact is $79 per year and offers a 14 day free trial that you can take advantage of by visiting www.handheldcontact.com.

There are a few steps that you need to address when you first set up Handheld Contact:

  • Decide which contacts to sync
  • Setup Handheld Contact on your computer
  • Setup Handheld Contact on your mobile device
  • Get familiar with Handheld Contact on your mobile device

Handheld Contact Professional Product Tour

iPad Sync

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