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Knowtifier Is a Game Changer for Act! I Am Very Excited about What This Product Can Do for You.

Knowtifier is $299.95 per year as a subscription product and it is worth every penny. Knowtifier is like hiring a salesperson or team member. A virtual assistant.

In my opinion one of the most fundamental things that Knowtifier does makes it worth every penny. Knowtifier can send reminders for scheduled activities. If you have a meeting scheduled, you can have Knowtifier send a reminder one day and one hour before your scheduled meeting. If you have a new salesperson you can schedule a workflow for new leads. For example, schedule an initial call, a follow-up email and subsequent activities. The possibilities are endless. You can have notifications triggered based on a change in a field.

The most exciting aspect of Knowtifier is its unlimited potential for your imagination and ideas. I am here to help you with the endless possibilities.

One of the dilemmas many of my client’s face is that they cannot afford to hire staff to do some of the work for them. If you have a database of clients and prospects, it is vital to stay in touch with the important people in your database. Knowtifier can automatically send an email to clients and prospects based on the number of days since you last send them an email. For example, you can have an email automatically go out to all clients or prospects that have not received an email from you and 90 days. I often work with my clients to write emails that are generic enough to go to anyone. For example, simply ask people if you can do anything for them or if they need help or assistance with anything.

Knowtifier allows you to create templates that will be used to send emails. Those templates can include information directly from Act.


Knowledgeable notifications deliver on your intentions

The Knowtifier delivers on the promise of truly automated customer notifications for birthdays, anniversaries, renewal dates, maturity dates, or any type of customer notification you’d like to trigger from Act!. What’s more, unlike other automation products, the Knowtifer can trigger customer emails off of both contact and custom fields within Act!, and have those email notifications merge Act! data into the emailed notifications.

What’s more, these notifications are not simply a “one and you’re done” setup. Users of the Knowtifier can configure multiple notifications based on the same date field, so customers can receive a countdown of notices towards the target date. Imagine being able to configure notices 1-month, then 3-weeks, 2-weeks, and 1-week before someone’s renewal to ensure maximum renewal conversion rate.

You can also configure The Knowtifier to record notifications in the contact History, copy the user on such notices, and even create activities in Act! for the user follow-up with the notified contacts.

At $299.95 per year, how many times does this product have to work before it pays for itself? Once? Twice?

And more than just a conversion tool, the Knowtifier makes you more organized and accountable to your customers. Often customer renewals get missed by the vendor or customer through no fault of either. Without a reliable automated notification system that can alert people on a countdown basis, “best effort” is still going to result in lost business, service disruption, or at the very least an unhappy customer.

Here’s some fast facts on The Knowtifier every Act! user should know:

  • You only need The Knowtifier installed on one computer for one database for your entire Act! network. 
  • The Knowtifier can trigger off Contact and Opportunity fields, as well as Custom Table Fields. 
  • The Knowtifier runs as a service, so even if your computer is restarted after a power outage or Windows update, The Knowtifier will continue to work at the Windows login screen. 
  • Configure the Knowtifier to alert you and other participants of upcoming activities you have scheduled. You can have Knowitifer email you and the others involved minutes, hours, or days in advance of a particular type of activity. 
  • Configure as many notifications in The Knowtifier as your business requires. Keystroke has employed the Knowtifier internally for some time, and it’s only after we’ve stressed tested it for the six months successfully did we make it available to the general public. We use the Knowtifier to track renewals for software subscriptions like Act!, HHC, and other addons. We also use it internally to track renewals for domains, web hosting, Act! hosting, SSL certificates, Annual Support Contracts, you name it. Any product or service that has a renewal date that you can record in Act!, the Knowtifier can work with. 
  • Can be configured to provide multiple notifications that countdown towards a date field 
  • Can be triggered to fire off field changes (ie., send a notice or create an automated activity after ID/Status is changed from “Prospect” to “Customer”) 
  • Can be configured to ensure you never miss another customer birthday or anniversary again. 
  • Can be configured to automate the delivery of reports from Reporting4Act! 
  • Can notify Administrators when remote users have not synced their databases frequently enough, thus ensuring more accurate and up to date records. 
  • Create your own beautiful HTML emails without subscribing to a service provider for delivery. Our built-in HTML Editor is as easy to use as MS Word, and can be used to copy in source HTML code, or create from scratch. Easily embed graphics or company logos into HTML emails that allows you to merge customer data from the contact or custom tables.

The best quality of The Knowtifier is simply this… it Works. We have TENS OF THOUSANDS of renewal notifications going out per year, and if the data is accurate in Act!, nothing gets missed.