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I have never been a big fan of reports. However, some of my clients need them and want to modify the way they perform.  Ask me why I think Groups are Better.

A client reached out to me and asked me how to change how a report is sorted. She has a staff member that is recording notes in Act and she would like to have that report sorted by the date the note was entered. Act has many preformatted reports and you have the ability to edit those to your liking. Having said that, you need to learn how to edit the reports and it can be time-consuming and challenging.

I always tell my clients to think of Act’s report editor as a completely different program. If you go at it with that mindset and you recognize it will take some time to master editing reports I think you’ll have a better experience.

I am weak at editing reports. I don’t do it very often and I find it somewhat frustrating when I do have to modify them because it’s not very intuitive. To overcome that, I reviewed the situation via Act’s knowledgebase and found a possible solution and a known issue.

The following article describes how to change the sort order of a report (Answer ID 13681): How to Change the Sort Order in an Existing Report

This article, describes a known issue with getting the sort to work properly after you modify it (Answer ID 26657): Incorrect Sort Order In Reports When Sorting By Create Date Or Creation Date

See what I mean, this stuff can be frustrating. If you need help with the report please reach out to me. As a Keystroke Partner I have dedicated software engineers and Act experts that I can refer you to if I can’t solve a problem on my own, or in a timely inexpensive manner.