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If you work on your computer all day, you’ll know that eye strain is a big issue.

In this tutorial we will examine how Contact List Plus can add colors to your act world to make act easier on your eyes. Contact List Plus allows you to go crazy with colors.  Please watch my video to learn more.

About Contact List Plus addon for ACT!

The Contact List Plus addon for ACT! toolbar is integrated into the ACT! native interface, providing easy access to most of the features. A pop-up window activate with a right click exposes all the options. The contact management addon for ACT! is a must have for any power user.

Without leaving the contact list view, you can edit, add color, make calculations, change the order of columns, group contacts and export the list directly to Microsoft Word or Excel or XML or HTML files. You can also export the list to Excel with color—with one click.

Contact List Plus addon for ACT! offers two ways to view your tasks—in the traditional ACT table layout or card style. Rather than a single row on a table, the Card View expands the record in two dimensions, and you can see several cards at one time. Each card can be collapsed or expanded so you can see the full details on only the records you choose.
Contact List Plus addon for ACT! is embedded inside ACT!’s easy-to-use interface, so there’s no need to run multiple applications or launch external programs. Once installed you will wonder how you got along without it.

Easy To Use ACT Addons

• Group and subtotal by any ACT! field in your contact table such as; State, Id/Status or Sales Totals.
• Math Functions built into each column will display totals, counts, average, minimum & maximum and counts
• Design multiple column sets we call layouts. Use layouts for export mapping or report generation.
• See your entire notes/details text field not just a little ‘icon’ representation.
• Automatically adjusts the height of each activity depending on the length of your notes.
• Advanced print options such as; Fit-to-page, Zoom-to-fit, Actual-size
• Add colors based on text such as ‘Send Quote,’ ‘Sales Leads,’ ‘State=”New York” etc.
• Personalize printing with larger fonts and color coding, etc.
• “Built-in” editing functions, including Textbox, Check Box, Calendar DropDown, “Combo” and DropDown controls.
• Tag mode allows you to put together any list based on unique criteria. (Create a multi-disciplinary team; invite your favorite business associates to a ballgame)
• Outlook style card view can be collapsed or expanded so you can see the full details.
• Select contacts to create a company grouping; (Others add-on companies charge $99 for this one feature itself!)

Greater Convenience

• No need to go back to ACT’s contact details window to make changes.
• Have more ACT! contact managment information at your fingertips simplyfying pure contact management.
• Specify exactly what you would like to see in your ACT! contact list.
• Make any contact information viewable and printable.
• Group and sort by an unlimited number of ACT! fields and columns.

Increased Efficiency

• Quickly access your previously saved lookups in the Lookup Rules Manager window
• Instantly filter any column using our unique filter row at the top of the list
• Quickly view, print or export the list using layouts.
• Design multiple column sets and snap between them for exporting.
• See Sums, Averages or Counts for any columns with subtotals for any group

More Flexibility

• Personalize your ACT! interface using drag & drop filter panels.
• Drag & Drop any column on or off the list at any time
• Personalize printing with larger fonts, additional fields like “cell phone,” color coding, etc.

Originally posted 2016-06-13 16:11:45.