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How often have you done a look-up in ACT and now you’d like to email everyone in that look-up?

People often ask me how to do a mail merge and act. The ultimate goal being to send the same email to multiple contacts within their act database. In my opinion there is actually an easier way to send an email to multiple people and act when you also use Microsoft Outlook. It is also my opinion that quite often we need to pick smaller groups of people send the unique email to instead of sending an email blast.

The first step is looking up contacts in act.

Once you’ve created a lookup in act, you can then use the list view in act to select those contacts and then click on the email icon on the toolbar. If you have configured Microsoft Outlook to work with act this will open up Microsoft Outlook. This technique will take all of the contacts and automatically put them in the to field in Microsoft Outlook; I recommend you send them all to the BCC field so that people that receive the email will not see everyones email address. In the video tutorial below I show you this in more detail because some of it is easier to show you them to try to explain in detail in writing.

This is one of those things that always puzzles my clients.  This short tutorial will explain How to Email Multiple Contacts in ACT via Outlook.