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Act Has Determined That Microsoft SQL Server Is Not Running

On occasion you might see an error message when starting Act that says that Act has determined that the Microsoft SQL server is not running. Act will try to start the SQL server. This may take a few seconds. SQL is the underlying engine that runs Act software and on occasion it does not start properly and therefore Act will not run.

Let me show you how to jump-start the SQL engine.

In the search box on the bottom left of your computer screen I want you to type in services.msc, and then press enter (the video above shows you how to do this). Scroll down all the way to SQL Server (ACT7). Then observe up on the top left the option to start, restart, pause or stop SQL server. Chances are you only see the option to start SQL server because it is not currently running. Click on start and then try to reopen Act after SQL starts to run. I think you will find that Act will normally start up properly after you start this engine.

If you need help, never hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you.