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Sometimes software engineers drive me crazy. Okay, many times they drive me crazy. They are really good at giving you technical¬† messages that make no sense when you do something wrong, but they can’t take the two extra minutes and explain how to correct the mistake. It’s not that difficult.

Applying a software update in Act sounds easy and it should be easy for the everyday Act user. Unfortunately, you need to know about some specific steps in order to apply an update. My video shows you how to accomplish the process of updating Act.  This is a good post to set aside for future reference.

Note: if you use act and our one of many users on a network, there is a good chance that your Act administrator has restricted your ability to update your software. This is standard procedure. If you or your administrator needs assistance, please reach out to me for help. Thank you.

Originally posted 2018-03-07 10:37:25.