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I live in the suburbs of Boston.  As the crow flies, Arlington is only about 6 miles away from downtown Boston.

In July and August business slows down a little bit as the rhythm of summer overtakes us. The kids are out of school. People go on vacation. And people spend more time outside taking advantage of the warm weather.

But then September happens.

The kids go back to school. The air gets cooler, the days get shorter and the leaves start to change as autumn approaches. My experience has been that business people in this area start to refocus their energies on the tasks at hand. In New England, we start to head indoors and focus on business again after relaxing during the long warm summer.  I love this time a year.  I refocus on my work and prepare to stay extra busy for the next 10 months until summer returns. It is the selling season. It is the time to kick it up a notch and focus on your goals.

This is a great time of year to refocus on how you use act.

Originally posted 2016-09-04 11:38:07.