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Searching for Nothing in Act Is Important.

When you look at a typical act contact they contain certain types of information. Company name, phone number, mobile phone number, address and email address. Having this information makes it easy to find contact information in act.

Act has the ability to track and record things that you do and tasks that you complete as it relates to a specific contact or group of contacts. My experience has been that people that use act spend a lot of time keeping track of what has occurred and very little time on things that haven’t happened.

In my opinion, this can be somewhat shortsighted.  When I work with act users one of the first things that I look for is the information that is missing. Looking for missing information can quite often tell you more of a story about what is happening with your act contacts. Let me give you an example of that: the last email field in act. If you have set up act and Outlook to work together, the last email field in act will be updated with the date of the last time you sent a specific contact an email. If you have prospects or clients in act and you have not recently sent them an email, or you have never sent them an email, you should search for information that might not be there. In other words, a blank email field.

If you do a search on act’s email field to find all the contacts in your database in which the last email field is blank that can identify contacts in which you need to take some type of action. Obviously, sending them an email to say hello might be the logical next step.

It is easy to find information that is in act. However, the most compelling information might be the information that is not there. Think about it.


Originally posted 2016-10-12 08:13:02.