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Act Software has Updated the Knowledgebase: Act KB

The Act knowledgebase has been updated to bring it in line with the need to view articles on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. It was long overdue for an update. For those of you not familiar with the Act knowledgebase, it is a repository of...

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Connecting Act version 20 and Alexa: Part 1

How many of you have an Amazon personal assistant that allows you to use Alexa? How many of you plan on using it with Act version 20?Note: Using Act with Alexa requires an active Act! Premium Subscription.My feeling is this: we need to put the cart before the horse...

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Learning All About Alexa Skills: What Are They?

What Is an Alexa Skill? Your Amazon smart speaker offers a wide range of resources such as games, news and information, technology services, entertainment and much more. To connect your device to these offerings you must connect using a skill. Think of a...

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Setting Up Your Amazon Echo Dot: 3 Videos

So you’ve decided to buy in the Amazon Echo Dot and it has arrived at your home or office. How do you set it up? This video is directly from Amazon’s YouTube channel will show you how to set up the Echo Dot. You will learn about the cables that came with...

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What is an Echo Dot from Amazon?

Learning about the Echo Dot from Amazon It is quite possible that you have heard about Alexa. What is Alexa and how do you get it? To start, you can purchase an Echo Dot at a local retailer or directly from Amazon. In this video you will learn how to set...

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Exponenciel: Great Act Add-ons

Exponenciel: Great Act Add-ons From: www.Exponenciel.com For many years I have been recommending the Act add-on products produced by Exponenciel because they solve common everyday problems of Act users. He has a free add-on that is called Email Address Lookup which...

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Handheld Contact for Android now available

Handheld Contact Android Update Reposted from: http://www.handheldcontact.com/index.php/news-developments Handheld Contact for Android is now available on Google Play and includes support for Sales Opportunities, one of our most-requested features,...

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Connecting ACT & Outlook: Part 1

Integrating ACT and Outlook Part One. When you combine ACT with Outlook, you create a fantastic contact manager and great email program; this is a perfect solution for business owners and sales and marketing professionals.   In these tutorials, I will discuss the...

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Acting Techniques: Setting Act Calendar Preferences

A client called me to ask for help him with his calendar layout. Quite often some of my best ideas for Act software tips come from my conversations with my clients and this is an example of a recent conversation. My client did not like the way the Act calendar lined...

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Teach An Old Dog Microsoft Word

I fell into computer training. It was an accident. A matter of timing on a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon. Act is the business software I use to track clients, prospects and personal contacts. Most act users can benefit from learning about Microsoft Office. Listed...

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Quoting Software for Act: Seamless Opportunities

I have not used Seamless Opportunities. The nature of my business is such that I don’t personally use or create sales quotes. As many of you know, I am not a huge fan of sales opportunities. Regardless of my personal opinions, I want to expose you to different types...

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Contact List Plus Part 1: Color Your Act World

http://youtu.be/-k8II4Hq8RM If you work on your computer all day, you'll know that eye strain is a big issue. In this tutorial we will examine how Contact List Plus can add colors to your act world to make act easier on your eyes. Contact List Plus allows you to go...

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