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When you import contact information from an outside source into an existing act database, it takes some thought, practice and planning.

When you import information into act you have a number of options on how to match up contacts in your existing database to the contacts you hope to import. In my opinion, the most common denominator of the contact is their email address. An email address is almost like a Social Security number because it is unique to each individual. Typically, when I import information that includes email addresses I always use that as the denominator or matching item so that I can decide on how to import information from an outside source into act.

Obviously, I don’t want a lot of duplicates in act.

Recently I have found some issues with this. This post is merely to inform you that I have recognized that issue and make you aware of it. I’m currently researching the issue and hope to have more information for you in the not to distant future.

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Originally posted 2015-09-09 13:51:31.