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In late May Act by Swiftpage changed the way they offer act software when they introduced a new subscription model. If you were to visit Act’s website today you would have two act options: Act Premium & Act Cloud Essentials.

act_swiftpage_logo_comboTrust me when I tell you this: Forget about Act Cloud Essentials. Please. At least for the duration of this article. I promise I will create another article that describes what Act Cloud Essentials is in greater detail.  Think of it as Act Lite for young people with smart phones.

How has Act by Swiftpage Changed?

In the past Act had two versions of their software: Act Pro and Act Premium. Act Pro was designed for individuals and companies with 10 or less people. Act Premium was designed for larger companies with 10 or more act software users. Act Premium could also be published to a web server and utilized via a web browser. This allowed users to use act on their desktop or via a web browser. Keep in mind, that this gave you access to act on tablets and smart phones as well. Because act serves so many small business users Act Pro was a staple for many small business owners. Today, Act Pro is no longer offered to new users directly from act; instead, they are offered act’s new subscription service plan which features Act Premium. If you would like to buy a new copy of Act Pro, you can buy it directly from an Act Certified Consultant (ACC).

How is act software sold today?  Act Premium is the New Act in Town.Act Premium Logo 6-2015

Act Pro is no longer available directly from the good people at Act (Swiftpage). When you buy act you will get Act Premium automatically and you will not see act’s website reference Act Pro. Act Premium can be purchased for $499 or as a subscription for $35 per month. A subscription gives you a range of great services that are outlined below.

When you purchase Act Premium for $499, you can also publish it to your own web server or work with an act hosting partner to get act in the cloud. Typically, there is a monthly hosting charge of approximately $40 per month and some associated setup fees. The $35 per month Act Premium price includes act being hosted in the cloud so you can access it from any device. In addition, you can request a remote database so you can also have act on your desktop; as many of us are accustomed to today with act by Swiftpage. If you do not want act in the cloud, Act Premium is only $25 per month. Act also offers an annual payment plan that will reduce the monthly cost to about $29.00 per month. When you buy act for $499 you own it and you never have to buy another copy again.

There are discounts for annual subscriptions and for multiple subscribers as well.

Act Premium Cloud Logo 6-2015A Common Question

People have been asking me if they also have to buy act software when they opt for the subscription service. The answer is no. Act software subscriptions include the software. Act software subscriptions can quickly be added and deleted as needed. If you hire a new salesperson for example, you would have to buy that individual his or her own copy of act. If that person leaves your company you want an extra copy of act. With the subscription service, you simply cancel the month-to-month subscription that you have subscribed to.

Upgrading Act by Swiftpage

What I have neglected to mention to this point is the cost of act if you are upgrading. If you upgrade to a subscription there is a loyalty discount if you have act version 15, 16 or 17. Act Premium will be discounted from $25 per month to $19 per month. There is no discount if you upgrade to Act Premium Cloud On the surface that might sound harsh, but in the long run you will always have the most recent version of Act Premium and never have to upgrade again. Getting used to a subscription model will be hard for some, but not others as they come to recognize the potential.

Long time Act Pro users might have a difficult time wrapping their heads around paying $35 a month for act software. When they purchased Act Pro it cost $269. If they upgraded to a newer version the cost was approximately $199. A typical act user would hang on to their software for approximately three years making the annual cost about $70 per year. So why in the world would you want to spend $35 a month for act software? To answer that question I’d like you to look at the smart phone that you own and come to terms with the fact that it isn’t just the phone but it is truly a computer. Doesn’t it make sense to have act on your smart phone computer? Times have changed. We have iPhone’s, iPads, tablets, android devices and multiple computers. Doesn’t it make sense to have access to act everywhere you go? Act is everywhere. That is the main reason why you would consider using a subscription with act.

What are the other benefits of Act Premium Cloud (act’s $35 hosted service)? What does it include?

  • Windows®, Web, & Mobile
  • Email marketing (500 contacts)
  • Expert technical support
  • Video training
  • New features and compatibility updates
  • Instant online access to Act!
  • Secure cloud hosting service
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Nightly backups

Allow me to simplify your options. As of today, June 11, 2015, this is how you can purchase act today:

  • Act Premium perpetual license for $499
  • Act Premium Monthly Subscription for $25 per month (resides on your PC)
  • Act Premium Cloud for $35 per month (available via the web)
  • Act Pro can be purchased from an act certified consultant for $269

It is my opinion that act’s new subscription service is going to open up a world of possibilities for the average everyday act user. Many act users never took full advantage of all of its features because of the associated IT costs of working with software. Act’s subscription service has completely changed all of that and has made it much easier for the small business owner to embrace all of the technology that surrounds us and act today.


Call me if you have any questions about any of the information that I’ve outlined here today. I’d be more than happy to help you.  Tony Holowitz: 781-728-9777


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