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Sometimes you need information to hit you in the face when you visit a contact in Act.

If the information is buried in a note, or a field it is very easy to miss.  Smart notes for ACT, by Durkin Computing helps alleviate that issue.  Have you ever wished there was an easier way to view the most relevant and critical aspects of a contact “instantly”? Now there is with Smart Notes for ACT! Smart Notes acts as a ‘pop-up alert’ system inside ACT! that gets your attention fast. This program allows you to individually attach one or more “virtual sticky notes” to a contact so that either you or other ACT! users will see the note and its message, such as “VIP account”, “HOT lead”, “Cash only”, etc.

Better yet – it’s ‘smart’!

You can use your ACT! database fields to define certain “conditions”. When you open a contact record it will look at the designated field(s). If the information in the field(s) matches the condition, a “sticky note pop-up alert” will appear on the screen, instantly alerting you. It’s a great way to quickly attach individual pop-up alerts to multiple contacts that meet the same conditions! Examples include: “Has a balance due that is > 500”, “Credit hold”, “A call is overdue”, “Missing signature” and much, much more.

Watch my video to learn more: