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If you are not careful Act can be a wasteland of contacts that are important but never get touched. This is unacceptable.

In my office I follow what I call the Monday Plan. There are certain tasks that I do every single Monday, some tasks I do the first Monday of the month, and other tasks that I do the first Monday of the quarter. Let me be very clear here and state that my Monday could be your Wednesday; the day is irrelevant. My timeline and yours can differ. The idea here is very simple: put a plan in place that creates checks and balances that will ensure that no contact ever slips through the cracks.

The first step is to understand who is in your database. The next step is to look at the numbers and determine how often you want to reach out to them by phone, mail, email or in person visits (this could also be an online meeting). The numbers will not lie. If you are determined to call the thousand prospects in your database and you only have time to make 10 calls per day is going to take you 100 business days or approximately 5 months to make all those calls. Obviously, you are not going to have the time to call them quarterly. The numbers will tell you a story and allow you to set expectations for yourself and your staff.

It is vital that we discuss this and write this information down. I have a form that I use here in my office that I will share with you to allow you to track your progress on paper first and then in Act.

When I have been working with the client and we been doing a lot of organizational stuff and have not developed a Monday Plan I feel out of sort. What good is all this working organization if we do not have a plan to back up our goals for what we plan to accomplish.

Please contact me so we can talk about a Monday Plan for you.

Originally posted 2018-07-10 11:53:05.