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How do you interpret the results of your Act Email Marketing campaign?

When you send an email campaign via Swiftpage Act Email Marketing (AEM) it is sent via email servers that are not your own. They are sent via the servers used by AEM. The emails you send will tell you a story that you can interpret based on your needs. When you send an email, there are some typical results that will occur when you send it via Act email marketing. The email is:

• opened
• not opened
• bounced
• opted out of future emails
• clicked on a link
• replied to an offer

So how do you interpret all of this information? You can look at reports that are generated from that email. You can also use the call list to schedule follow-up calls or emails to individuals that interact with your email.

I have suggested that email marketing makes us lazy as salespeople. It also allows us to remain unfocused when it comes to reaching out to prospects if we let it. In my opinion, it is easy to send out an email without really thinking through the process. What are the goals of the email? How were you going to manage the results of the email? What are your next steps after you send that email out? What story is that simple email campaign telling you?

It seems to me based on my experience that every marketing and sales process has an open-ended question at the end of it. What do we do with the next step? After you send out an email campaign it is important to sit back and try to interpret what that campaign is telling you as a story about your contacts in Act.

What is the story?  You tell me.

Originally posted 2017-11-02 08:19:53.