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Act Sales Opportunities Revisited.  I’m not a big fan.

I have never been a big fan of act’s sales opportunities feature. Sales opportunities take time to create. You also have to search for them to be aware of the fact that they exist. I have always been a fan of things that hit you in the face when you are using act. Typically, I will design fields that I can add to the layout that will depict sales opportunities.

I can understand how bigger companies with multiple sales representatives might find sales opportunities worth the time and energy that it takes to use them. Having stated that, I’m always on the lookout for an idea that is somewhere between what I think is easy and what some people like about sales opportunities. Len Kamerman, a fellow act certified consultant, has created a video that is about 30 minutes long that goes over sales opportunities. I think this is a great video will teach you everything you need to know about sales opportunities. After you watch this video, I think it is worthwhile to have a discussion about whether or not sales opportunities will work for you.

A Client Ponders Sales Opportunities

I have a client that needs to use sales opportunities, or so it seems, because the same contact in act can have multiple opportunities occurring at the same time. This is where act can fall down. I can create multiple fields in act to depict multiple sales opportunities. I can create reports and groups to put these contacts with multiple opportunities together for review. But there comes a point where sales opportunities might be easier to use. I am always torn on this point. Len has done a great job of describing how sales opportunities can work and I think it is important that you view his video and then decide for yourself whether or not sales opportunities make sense for you.

The Middle Ground

For individuals and small businesses, I have always believed that it is not worth your time and energy to create something that is intuitive. Let me explain. If you are an individual that uses act and you know the ABC Company has a proposal pending with you for a $5000 job, it doesn’t make sense, in my opinion, to create a sales opportunity to remind you of that opportunity. You know it; you will not forget that that opportunity exists. You can remember it with some other reminder such as changing the ID Status to “New Lead”. Typically, I will suggest that my clients change the ID status to new lead. Or, you can schedule follow-up phone calls to the client with pending opportunities.

Sales Managers and Sales Opportunities

If you are a sales manager and you manage a group of salespeople, sales opportunities might make sense. I have always believed that sales opportunities should work within the normal flow of your daily act routines and not create a separate and time-consuming job. Many years ago, I worked with what I deem to be the crazy sales manager. He insisted on using sales opportunities. The salespeople hated creating sales opportunities because they were time-consuming and not being utilized properly. But the sales manager insisted on using them and it was a bone of contention among the staff.

Should You Use Sales Opportunities?

It is my feeling that sales opportunities are not for everyone. What I have always search for is the middle ground between using sales opportunities and using acts contact layout to create a sales opportunity that easy to recognize. I have yet to find that perfect solution. But I will keep looking on your behalf.

Originally posted 2017-01-06 08:25:14.