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The My Record in Act is all about You.

When you open up act the first thing you see is your contact information. This is what act calls the My Record. If you are an individual user of act this is a great tool for keeping personal information. For example, when I book an appointment with my doctor I don’t create a new contact specifically for my doctor, I simply schedule an appointment with myself for that appointment. Sometimes I don’t feel the need to create a contact for every appointment or matter that I feel is worth scheduling. So I schedule things with myself via the My Record.

How about an Act Database with Multiple Users?

In a bigger company with multiple act users, the My Record is used as a tool to track who does what and when in act. For example, if you make a call to a contact and record it, others will be up to see that it was you that made the call because of the My Record. If you make a note or record a history that is there as well. In essence you are user of act and the My Record identifies you as such.

Sometimes when I’m in the middle of act I will do a lookup of the My Record (Lookup | My Record), to quickly get back to me to get centered and to recoup my thoughts and next steps. Make sure you have filled out all of your contact information for the My Record so that it is complete and thorough.

This short tutorial explains what the ACT My Record is and its importance. This is especially true if you work in an ACT database with multiple users.

Originally posted 2015-06-24 07:05:33.