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I have an Act plan that I call my Two Monday’s plan. On the first Monday of the month I have a specific list of tasks that I need to complete. Every other Monday, I have a smaller list of things that I need to complete weekly.

I always focus my attention first on my clients. Take care of your clients all the time by paying attention to them every week. After I have focused on my clients I turn my attention to prospects. Prospects that have recently shown an interest in something that I offer I refer to his new leads. You might want to call them hot leads and that’s fine. When I inspect my act database I have goals that I’ve set for myself for my clients, my prospects and what I refer to his new leads.

Football coaches have game plans.  Why don’t you?

On the first Monday of the month I focus my attention on prospects. In most cases, I want to make sure they have received an email from me at least every 30 days. Focusing on this on the first Monday of the month ensures that these people will never slip through the cracks in my act database. Next I turn my attention to my clients. I will look at the list and focus my attention on what needs to be done for my clients. It might be a call, a visit or even just a simple email. Then I will turn my attention to my new or hot leads to focus on what they need in order to close the sale. At a minimum, I know I have to address this group of leads every Monday.

Can I help you with your Monday game plan?

My experience has been that there are typically things you need to do at least monthly and some things you need to do weekly. Having a Monday plan allows you to have the confidence that these things are never good to slip through the cracks within your act database.  I find that one of the things I try to get my clients to do is just think about creating a plan. Don’t look at act and don’t think about all the contacts you have in act for a moment. Just ask yourself how would you want to be treated if you were a client or prospect of your business.

I have had clients tell me that they were always aware of the fact that I reached out to them either by phone or email. I would typically email them at least monthly and call them either every six months to a year.

That is my plan and I think it’s a good one.  Let me help you with your plan.  Contact me today.


Originally posted 2015-09-11 12:47:37.