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It is not unusual to meet someone that is running a very old version of act.

One of the great things about act is that it is very consistent in what it will do day in and day out. Many of you are using older versions of act because it does the job. Many of you have never had to upgrade act because it does what you need on a daily basis. All in all, act is a rather inexpensive software program for what it does for the average act user. Quite often, people upgrade act not because they necessarily want to, but because they have to upgrade for reasons out of their control.

act-cloudMaybe you upgraded Microsoft Office. Maybe you got a new computer and decided it’s time. Maybe you are having issues with Microsoft Windows.

The following article on the Act website highlights the changes between the recent versions of act. You might find this useful if you have act questions when you’re pondering whether or not to upgrade to the newest version of act. As always, you can contact me if you have questions.

Read full article at the Source: Whats New with Act!


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Originally posted 2016-02-16 06:47:00.